If you are a handgun owner, you might want to look into assembling your CZ-75 pistol. You may have heard this is a good way to save money while also ensuring that all the parts on your gun are in good working order. This article will help guide you through the process of buying the necessary parts for your CZ-75 pistol and installing them.

What Parts Do I Need for My Pistol?

You might be wondering what parts you need to complete your CZ-75 pistol. Well, there is a little more to this than it seems. You will need a barrel, slide stop lever, recoil spring and guide rod assembly, trigger bar, and disconnector, grip screws, magazine catch screw, magazine release button on the left side of the frame behind the trigger guard without a magazine inserted, safety and decocker levers, or slide stop lever (if you have an older model), front sight spring tension adjustment screw on top of the barrel with a hammerhead at its end.

Major Parts for the CZ-75 Pistol

The CZ-75 is a popular pistol, manufactured by Czechoslovakian company Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod. The gun has a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds. To purchase parts for the CZ-75 it is important to know what type you need. There are different types of magazines. You can get hi-capacity magazines that fit in the CZ-75’s standard or extended magazine well as well as double or triple stack mags that hold 24 or 36 rounds respectively. Another type of part is the barrel and slide assembly; these are available with length options ranging from four inches to six inches. The following parts are the most commonly needed: 

Cylinder, Spring, Guide Rod & Spring (Glock: 17) Pro trigger bar assembly (Glock: 18) Barrel (Glock: 14) Slide & Barrel Extension Glock Extractor Glock Sear Stock or Grip Frame-(CZ-75 series only; does not fit the 75B model unless it is a “sporter”) Slide Lock Operating Rod Cylinder and Sleeve Assembly Trigger Assembly CZ.

When To Replace Parts On Your CZ-75

It is best to replace parts on your CZ-75 pistol as soon as you see a problem, rather than waiting for the gun to fail. You should also be aware of whether or not it is good to replace parts in a certain order. For example, it is not recommended that you replace the barrel first and then the slide because the barrel needs to be able to move freely around the slide.

How To Clean and Lubricate a CZ-75

You know your gun is in good shape when you’re able to buy spare parts for it without a problem. The CZ-75 pistol is an inexpensive and durable firearm. It would be a good idea to buy some replacement parts like sights, magazines, or grips. However, you should also purchase a cleaning kit and lubricant so that your firearm stays in great shape. When you clean the firearm, it helps to give the parts a nice coat of lubricant. The best way to clean a CZ-75 is to spray it down with oil or solvent and then use a wet cloth or brush to wipe it down. You should always remember that cleaning guns are not something that you should do every week, but once in a while will keep the gun in great shape for years to come.

Where to Buy Parts and Accessories for the CZ-75

A CZ-75 is a popular pistol that has been used for decades. It is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol crafted in the Czech Republic. The parts of this weapon can be bought in many places, but some of the best places to find these parts are online and at local gun shops. Online retailers offer lower prices and often have a better selection of products than other shops. Here are some retailers to buy a CZ-75 online.


The CZ-75 pistol is an admirable handgun. It’s easy to shoot, has a great trigger, and is built from high-quality materials. Plus, it’s fully compatible with magazines from the Browning Hi-Power series, which is also a great gun.