It can be difficult to narrow down on a theme for your perfect wedding, but the relaxed ambiance and the cozy style of a rustic wedding makes it an absolute dream. A rustic wedding is a welcome combination of a gathering with a hygge vibe and a traditional white wedding, as seen in the movies. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few top tips to help you add rustic appeal to your own wedding.

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  1. Choose a Charming Venue

The perfect location for a rustic wedding has to be somewhere with character, such as a quaint barn with exposed brick walls and wooden beams. Barn wedding venues are a pleasure to decorate and will add a rustic vibe to your special day. As barns already have a natural charm about them, there is less effort when it comes to decorating them to get that country vibe.

  1. Romantic Lighting

There is something magical about fairy lights, and lighting the venue up in lots of twinkling lights can help you create a romantic ambiance for your big day. Hang them as a backdrop in the main room, or let them cascade from the ceiling. Additionally, you can also illuminate the wedding with vintage lanterns and delicate candlelight. Light the exterior of the venue with lanterns and add candles to your tables to create beautiful centerpieces. 

  1. Uncomplicated Yet Delicious Wedding Food

Picking wedding food is one of the most enjoyable things to do for most couples, with many people enjoying taster sessions at potential wedding venues before they make their final decision. If you are determined to add rustic appeal to your wedding, incorporating it into your menu is a great idea. For traditional three-course meals, think pumpkin soup, venison, root vegetables, and homely desserts such as apple crumble or berry pie. If you want to stray from convention, take a help yourself approach and offer your guests an array of delicious dishes to indulge in. Craft cocktails can also lend a rustic touch to your catering. Get inspired by fall ingredients and serve up delightful concoctions such as a spiced cranberry martini or an apple cinnamon mule.

  1. Beautiful Blooms

There are certain types of flowers that are particularly perfect for a rustic wedding. As a general rule, try to stay away from loud and bold colors and opt for neutral, muted hues instead. For example, pastel-colored roses, lilac asters, and assorted wildflowers in dusty hues are ideal for creating a rural, country vibe. Getting your blooms right can truly enhance your rustic wedding game. Other flowers and greenery that will fit into your rustic wedding include cotton flowers, eucalyptus leaves, and baby’s breath.

  1. Charming Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors, add a farm-style charm by forgoing the traditional candies and give your guests something more bespoke instead. Evoke a sense of hygge with homemade limoncello in individual glass bottles, delectable preserves in quaint jam jars, and artisan chocolates in miniature burlap sacks.