How To Act On Customer Feedback Quickly is an essential element of customer service, and a quick and effective follow-up is crucial to quickly address any concerns or issues. Some helpful tools include GetFeedback for Salesforce, OptiMonk’s exit-intent popup, and Surveys & Questionnaires. Read on to learn more about these tools. You can also follow up with the customer via phone if the conversation has gone beyond the email. You can also learn more by visiting websites like

GetFeedback for Salesforce automates the follow-up process.

GetFeedback for Salesforce automates follow-up on customer feedback and enables you to map feedback data to any Salesforce object. With this integration, you can pull feedback response data into Salesforce dashboards and increase organizational transparency. This automation helps you prioritize customer feedback and drive customer satisfaction. It even includes an automated follow-up workflow that lets you automatically reopen a case based on the response.

In addition to a built-in follow-up email template, GetFeedback can be configured to send emails with a custom subject line. Users can toggle reminders on and off or customize the message content, including the survey question. It also allows you to view email statistics such as open and click-through rates and survey response rates. Once you have created a customer feedback survey, you can use GetFeedback to automate the follow-up process for this valuable feedback.

OptiMonk’s exit-intent popup

OptiMonk’s exit-intention popup offers online retailers an excellent opportunity to convert visitors to customers and build relationships. Its popup overlays provide visual feedback, and visitors can quickly and easily opt-in to receive updates. The system is free, but there are a few paid plans. The free program allows you to use the tool for as long as needed.

OptiMonk makes creating and managing exit-intent popups simple. With easy-to-use templates, you can create exit-intent popups within 15 minutes. You can even start with an existing site and change the content and design without coding knowledge. In addition, OptiMonk has several built-in integrations, and the company’s human experience experts can help you customize and set up exit-intent popups that work best for your needs.


Whether you’re trying to improve a particular aspect of your business or want to understand what your customers are saying about a product or service, quick and easy feedback surveys can help you get it. Surveys that take only a few minutes to complete are likely to be read by customers. In addition, incentives, such as cash, gift cards, coupons, and physical gifts, can be an excellent incentive for your customers to fill out your surveys.

The best way to get a significant response is to spread the survey link on social media. You can encourage your audience to take your survey by using your social media accounts. The more people who share your survey link, the higher your response rate will be. But beware of the potential response bias when using social media for customer feedback. 


Surveys are a quick and easy way to gather feedback. The process of conducting a feedback survey can be done in various ways. In many instances, the customer will be asked to complete a questionnaire to give them feedback on their experience with the brand. It’s also helpful in gauging employee satisfaction. For example, 80% of companies that enjoy year-over-year growth are using surveys to gather customer feedback.

Before you start coding customer feedback, you’ll need to scan the responses to get an overview of the diversity of feedback. You can then break down each type of feedback into more minor codes, such as “control over visual design” or “additional fonts.” These specific codes can help you identify patterns of feedback that could help improve your customer experience. The more detailed feedback you get, the faster you can act on it.


How to act on customer feedback quickly using emails? You may already be aware that customer feedback is often inaccurate. If possible, wait a week before surveying them again. Customers may have had a longer-term experience with your products or services. You will get a more accurate picture of the problem by waiting a week. Once you have a sense of what’s causing the issues, you can respond to them in a timely and thoughtful manner.

A few tips to act on customer feedback quickly include asking for feedback in a direct email as soon as possible. Try experimenting with a call to action in the subject line. Remember, the main goal of a customer’s email is to get their feedback, not entice them to buy from you. Use exclamation marks to create a sense of urgency and variables to add a personal touch.