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How Promotional Banners and Flags Help to Boost Sales? Also Find Key Tips On Advertising Details

Raising a hand in a crowd or waving from across the street to call someone is an instinctive human act to grab attention. Perhaps this is the reason why flags and banners have always been used as tall standards to tell others about one’s presence and location.  

Custom banners and flags were therefore quickly co-opted by the advertising industry and have become popular items that are used for brand promotions by the business community. Flag banners and other promotional banners perform the role of a silent salesman, which is why these objects are without doubt the most enduring promotional products in the advertising industry. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the manufacturing industry for these products has also grown to develop different types of promotional banners and flags to offer more functionality and creative options to their patrons and clients. 

Flag banners are primarily of three types- straight, feather and teardrop flags. Straight flags are the classic rectangular flags, while feather flag banners are shaped like a bird’s feather and are tapered on one or both ends. The third flag type is the teardrop and as the name suggests, it is shaped like a drop of tear or water albeit an inverted one. 

Promotional banners, on the other hand, come in a much wider range. There are the usual custom banners with eyelets (grommets) to attach ropes for display. There are also pull-up banners, pole banners, pop-up banners as well as custom-printed table cover banners which are available in this category. 

Promotional objects used for signage come with a lot of benefits and therefore, they have been used consistently by businesses to market and advertise their products or services and boost sales. Let us tell you exactly how custom promotional banners and flags can help in boosting sales for your business and let us also give you key tips to ensure a flawless display of your advertising strategy through these products. 

How custom banners and flag banners boost sales?

Flag banners and printed custom banners possess most of the essential qualities of a good promotional product. They are durable, portable, reusable, versatile and good for sustainable use. Moreover, they are one of the most inexpensive products which are available in the promotional category and are thus very budget friendly tools that can be included in your marketing strategy. 

However, they also possess two other qualities which make them outstanding products. Firstly, promotional banners and flags can be used for targeted marketing. Whether you are using custom banners to display your own products and offers or your sponsorship for an event, you can design the content as per the requirement of your target audience. 

Secondly and more significantly, these products possess the ability to be used as both indoor and outdoor promotional banners and flags. 

The fact that they can be used literally everywhere to display your business and attract customers makes outdoor promotional banners one of the best products in this category. They can be placed at various key locations across the city and can also be used as mobile banners for advertising campaigns. You can also choose to use them for your storefront decorations or to display discount offers or announce new products. Flag banners are particularly good for outdoor business events. You can raise them higher to announce your presence to potential clients and you can also strategically place them around a given location to help your customers reach you without confusion. 

Moreover, these versatile products are very useful as indoor promotional tools as well. Custom banners and flags can be used to design creative indoor display booths to showcase your products for your customers. Pull-up banners are particularly good to display special offers on products and services. Small-size flag banners can be used as table tops which can be both decorative and functional by including important business information like social media handles, QR code or simply a striking image of your company’s name and logo. Furthermore, because of their cost effectiveness, businesses can also choose to use them as promotional giveaways. 

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Promotional banners and flags are prominent signage products because your business can accomplish multiple marketing objectives by using them. They help to retain old customers by reminding them of your brand or announcing your presence at an event. They also attract new customers by increasing brand awareness and thereby helping in generating impulse sales. 

Though these numerous benefits are enough to give you an idea how promotional banners and flags help in boosting sales, let us also give you some statistics from industry reports to further our claim. In a survey conducted by International Sign Association, industry experts found that over 60% of businesses that used promotional tools for signage, reported a 10% increase in average sales as a result of using these products. Moreover, further research has shown that due to their lower procurement costs, these marketing products provide a consistent return on investment (ROI), thus increasing the efficiency of your overall marketing strategy. 

Therefore, we can say without doubt that including flag banners and printed custom banners in your marketing toolkit will definitely help you achieve multiple goals including an increase in your sales. 

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Promote Your Business In An Impactful Way

Visual impact accounts for a significant part of business marketing objectives, closely followed by retaining this impact and ultimately converting this impact into real sales by turning potential clients into customers. 

According to a survey report of U.S. marketers, 49% of marketing experts considered visuals to be a very significant part of their marketing strategy, while 22% experts claimed that visual content was only moderately important to their marketing plans. However, over 19% of marketers reported that visuals constituted the most dominant aspect of their marketing strategy with almost 60% of the content being produced to create visual impact and generate further engagement.

The effectiveness of visual impact and inclusivity of visual content in marketing also makes sense from a more scientific (biological) perspective. Our eyes can register around 36,000 visual images in an hour. Moreover, our brains are hard wired to consume visual content much more easily and it processes visual images almost 60,000 times faster as compared to text. Given these numbers, it is easy to understand why the ability of these products to showcase visual content has made them so popular. 

Flag banners and printed promotional banners are definitely great products to help you direct and attract a small but significant part of your customer’s attention, which you can further cultivate to generate sales.  However, since we have already emphasized the importance of creating a visual impact, we also want to give you a few tips for designing and using these products before you head towards making a purchase. So here they are – 

  1. Do not over crowd your promotional banner and flag with too much content; rather we advise you to get multiple pieces. 
  2. 54% of American customers reported that they could not find the business because the content on the custom banner was too small or unclear. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the text content on your banner is legible.  
  3. Do not forget that choosing the right location to display your flag banners is very crucial for attracting more customers. 
  4. If you require customized promotional products on a regular basis, we also advise opting for brands which keep printing details on file to provide easy and quick services. 
  5. Last but not the least, we advise our readers to keep rotating their promotional banners and flags according to the requirements of different seasons much in the same way that brands plan their sales and discount cycles.  

We truly hope that your business flourishes from all the efforts you put into marketing it and that one day it literally reaches the sky when we see your promotional banner flying behind an airplane. However, until then these custom banners and flag banners can serve your requirements very well on the ground. 

So, get your flags and banners soon and make your marketing and promotions strategy more opportune!