Did you see the new season in Bridgerton’s popular series? We’re sure that you have many questions regarding the series and its characters. Today we’re here to answer the current most hot question.

Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 2 appeared in March 2022 in several countries, including the United States. The United Kingdom was also available. Fans are still talking about the series, and how the writers and developers changed their perspective to focus on other characters.

Edwina Sharma is a Bridgerton resident. Continue reading to find the answer.

About Bridgerton Series

Bridgerton is an eight-episode Netflix period drama series. It launched on 25 Dec 2020. Bridgerton was seen by 82,000,000 households, making it the most watched series on Netflix at that time. It reached Netflix’s number 1 spot in 76 nations.

Based on Julia Quinn’s Regency Era London novels. Bridgerton follows the adventures and friendships of Bridgerton’s characters, who are all trying to find love in London.

How Old is Edwina in Bridgerton?

Bridgerton II is about Anthony Bridgerton’s quest.

We see that Anthony has feelings for Kate Sharma (eldest sister) but is still looking to have a relationship with Edwina Sharma who is younger.

Fans are aware that Anthony & Edwina are getting married. They also want to know the age gap between them.

Edwina Sharma (21), Kate Sharma (26), and Anthony Bridgerton (31). We hope you are now able to understand What is Edwina Sharma’s age in Bridgerton.

Synopsis Of Bridgerton Season 2

The second season was released on Netflix worldwide on 25/03/2022. It contains 8 episodes.

This season examines Anthony Bridgerton’s search for a wife.

Edwina Sharma arrives in India as the Queen’s diamond of season. Anthony seizes this chance to propose Edwina for a relationship, which she happily accepts.

Anthony begins to feel for Edwina Sharma’s older sister Kate Sharma.

How does Edwina discover the truth about this love triangle Does Edwina and Anthony get married?! Check out the series for answers!

Is Edwina Sharma still alive in Bridgerton? The answer can be found above!

Audience Reviews

Bridgerton Season 1 was well-received by viewers. Its spin-off season 2 will be released in March 2022.

This season, according to reviews, has everything. There is romance, drama, scandal, comedy and much more. This series is distinguished by its diverse cast and characters.

However, not everyone liked the show’s concept of not being a true historical period piece. Other than the costumes and sets, some viewers found it confusing and monotonous.

The Final Words

How old is Edwina in Bridgerton We’ve answered your question!

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