Do you enjoy sea animals like Whales and Dolphins? Are you keen to know more about the aquatic life that lives on earth? If so, continue reading.

Bottlenose Dolphins are among the most sought-after among all oceanic Dolphins and many people across the world, and especially those in United States, Ireland are eager to learn more about their lives. In this article we’ll discuss the age at which Bottlenose Dolphins live?.

About Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are among the most beloved marine mammals. These are among the popular species of the widely-dispersed marine dolphins. There are two kinds of dolphins known as bottlenose. Bottlenose Dolphins are mostly found in warm waters around the globe, with a few exceptions in Antarctica as well as the Arctic region.

The first are typical bottlenose dolphins. the most populous species of beaked dolphins. They are also the most commonly seen dolphin that we encounter in Dolphinaria and marine parks as well as TV and film shows. The other species is Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins that are found in the Indo Pacific waters of India, Australia and China. Before we get to know about how old bottlenose Dolphins live Let us look at the definition of bottlenose dolphins.

About Description of Bottlenose Dolphins

The size of bottlenose dolphins is 300kgs or 660 pounds. they weigh from 150kgs or 330 lbs to 1300 pounds or 650 kgs. The oceanic dolphin species could attain 4 meters or 13 feet high. The color of their bodies varies. The majority of bottlenose dolphins are lighter grey on their flanks, and darker grey on the back. There are bottlenose dolphins that appear brownish grey, blueish-grey or even black. They usually have a darker back that extends from the dorsal fin all the way to the rostrum. Before you learn more about how old bottlenose Dolphins live and other information, we would like to know about the threats facing bottlenose dolphins as well as other dolphins.

About the Threats on Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins in the millions get lost in fishing nets every year. The tuna fishermen are responsible for the majority fatalities of bottlenose dolphins. But, it’s not just fishermen, but also pollution of the water is also accountable for the deaths bottlesnose dolphins. Studies have revealed that harmful contaminants are present in dolphin’s tissues. A high proportion of metal contaminants was detected in dolphins across the globe. These metal contaminants and other pollutants could cause harm to the development, immunity, and reproduction of these dolphins.

How Old Do Bottlenose Dolphins Live ?

The lifespan of bottlenose dolphins is 15-16 years. However certain bottlenose dolphins are more than 40 years old while female bottlenose dolphins can be believed to live five to 10 years longer than male counterparts.

According to some research that one of the bottlenose dolphins with the longest lifespan in existence is 67 years old Nicklo which was last seen in the year 2017.


In the last Winter Dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale died at 16 years old. This is why people around the world were extremely curious about the life span of bottlenose dolphins. we hope this article will help them understand. Go to our Bottlenose Dolphin Wiki page to learn more about them.