Columbus city is clearing the snow that sat on the streets late last night. The city’s crews have said that the snowfall has made roads slippery and an advisory was put in place to prohibit residents from driving unless it is needed. This will give the workers time to clean the streets.

According to reports according to reports, according to reports, the Columbus area did not suffer with a lot of snow like other cities across the United States. The city only got just a few inches of snow following the storm.

Following the storm The city received between two and four inches of snowfall. But, How Much Snow Did Columbus Get?

When Columbus Has Its Last Snowfall?

The winter’s first snowfall usually is in November. However, it can begin at the beginning of October and continues until December.

The last snowfall of the season usually occurs in March. It happens approximately each year. In addition, the city gets snow in April, but it is not always a regular event.

The city is completely free of snowfall between May and September. The city receives a glimpse of less than one inch of snowfall during the majority of the days that snowstorms occur. The city gets snowfall nine days in a year, and it can increase to at least one inch. It’s not a heavily affected area as other areas across the United States.

How Much Snow Did Columbus Get in 2022?

The snowstorm began to recede on the roads of Franklin County early on Monday around 5 a.m. The weather service said that as much as three inches of snow fell in the county on Monday morning. It was half an inch of snowfall in the eastern part of Ohio.

But, Columbus Area was not badly affected by the storm as it only got just a few inches following the storm. According to the weather report that the city received 2 to 4 inches of snow, or just over six inches of snowfall in 2022.

People who ask how much snow did Columbus get must be aware that the record for snowfall in 2022 was 6 inches. It is only recorded in a few areas that are like Licking County.

However, to the west the east of Licking County, the snowfall was very high, ranging from twelve inches. It’s extremely sloppy in areas where the snowfall is extremely large over short distances.

What is the Latest Update on Snowfall?

Following the snowfall advisories and warnings were issued, and are expected to expire once the winter storm is over Columbus. The storm brought inches of snow and frozen rain, which covered a large portion of the streets of Columbus and made the roads slippery. The people who had the snow fell began thinking what the amount of snow Columbus get?.

Ohio Department of Transportation engaged their workers to clear roads. The snowfall is less than the size of six inches within Columbus. In addition, the accumulation of snow is now over, because there are only small snow showers that are expected to be cleared in the near future.

The temperature is expected to rise on Tuesday, which will help to get rid of the snow.


The snowstorm is forming in America that has affected several States and even counties. Columbus got snow, but it was not as significant as other states. After the snowfall, a lot of residents were looking for the amount of snow Columbus Receive. According to them the county received at most two inches and an maximum of 6 inches.