We know your struggle with the destinations, timing, budget, and more to plan a perfect itinerary. Having all of them in a single tour is challenging and comes with hours of investment in researching and taking reviews. 

How to plan the best tour in Vietnam? We have the right insights to make it a pleasant and memorable trip. Ranging from tropical coral reefs to the northern mountains of Sa Pa, it is one of the most adventurous destinations. 

Let us make it more than a country and plan the best insights with the budget. 

What is Vietnam best for?

You may have heard different things from various tourists who have traveled to Vietnam. Be it hot street food, colorful lanterns, or warm seas gives you a sense of incredible sights. It has a great diversity of parks, beaches, hiking, wildlife, and cities, making the travel worthy of your visit. 

Vietnam is the perfect blend of cultures from Chinese to French colonialism. It has become a dream destination. 

How to decide the budget for the Vietnam tour?

Travel on a budget means planning before the trip to have the right experience and explore the best destinations. The main aim is to stick to a fixed budget during the travel. Let us look at various factors that need investment:

Stay in Vietnam

One of the best things about the place is the variety of accommodations. Whether you plan to travel on a strict budget or on a luxurious holiday, you have choices for all per your interests. There is a great difference between the culture, weather, and sights in northern, southern, and central regions. The breakdown for Vietnam holiday costs are:

  • Hostels: The northern region costs from $6 to $40 per night. It will be around $20 to $80 per night in the southern. While in the central region, it will be about $15 to $60 per night. 
  • Luxurious Stays: A standard destination will cost around $100, while a 5-star one will be about $600 per night. They will provide some of the best facilities in Vietnam. 
  • Mid-Range Stay: Many affordable hotels range from $15 to $80 per night. Know that the prices will be higher along the populated and coastal regions. 

Activities in Vietnam 

The destination has some events, activities, and excursions to make your travel fun. A Vietnam tour covers you if you are craving thrill and excitement. The landscape can fill your days with great activities. Some favorite things to add to your list are:

  • Ha Long Bay: This requires an investment of $40 or more per person, depending on your plans. It has an amusement park, kayaking, and caves to explore on the visit. 
  • Sapa Rice Terraces: A group tour to this beautiful place is around $30 for each person. 
  • Cu Chi Tunnels: You will get a closer look at the history of Vietnam and War remnants through these tunnels. 
  • Motorbike Adventures: People often take urban scooter adventures to explore the diverse districts and markets. It gives a closer look at the local lifestyle. 

Food and Drinks 

Vietnam has an amazing variety of food items. It has incredible street vendors that provide you will some high-quality and delicious meal that fits your budget. As a tourist, you need to look for the right ingredients and flavors that differ based on the region because of income levels, ingredient availability, and climate. 

There are some excellent options that you can choose during your tour package for Vietnam depending on your taste and budget:

  • Street Food: You may need a budget of over $10 to $15 per day; every meal would cost around $3 to $5, depending on location. Also, street vendors ensure clean, sanitized, and delicious food.
  • Mid-Range Restaurants: Sometimes, you want to sit down at beautiful restaurants that can cost from $15 to $30 each time. 
  • Fine Dining: If you want to get a luxurious or feast like a king without a budget restriction, this is the right choice. It will cost around $60 to $200 per day, while a French restaurant can take just $200 for a single meal. 
  • Beverages and Deserts: You can get non-alcoholic beverages for only $0.30 to $0.80. The deserts can range from $0.90 to $2. 

Transportation in Vietnam

This is a large chunk of your cost during the Vietnam tour. For most parts, you will get reasonable pricing. Still, they will vary drastically depending on the vendor you deal with. Moped and scooter rentals are readily available and provide you the ease of traveling.

Some basic costing factors are:

  • Domestic Flights: It depends on the distance and season, which can be $30 to $60
  • Trains: These are affordable methods to travel around the country. It will cost around $60, which includes overnight comfort and accommodations.
  • Buses: Many bus routes are running around the country, which can be around $7 to $10 for a trip.
  •  Scooters: Rent the scooter for over $6 per day, but you also need to have some budget for some gas. 


The common cost for a stay in Vietnam is $20 to $30 for a night for a single room that has clean and great amenities.

  • Hanoi: You have to spend around $18 per night at this destination.
  • Hoi An: Near the Co Co river, it will be near $31 per night, and near the Ancient town, it will be $22 per night.
  • Ninh Binh: People have to invest $26 per night for an impressive location
  • Danang: The common pricing is $49 per night for a superior double and airy room. 
  • Mekong Delta: It costs around $20 for a single night with a riverside location. 

The final Tip!

A decent understanding of the cost makes the best tour in Vietnam using the above tips. Avoid booking transportations and take local services to avoid high commissions. Stick to the local delicacies to get great quality and maintain your costs during the travel.