ResMed’s AirStart10 APAP is an APAP (Auto-adjusting Positive Airway Pressure) therapy device that automatically adjusts to the user’s airway pressure. If you’re looking for an APAP machine that’s easy to set up and use, this product from ResMed Air Solutions offers outstanding value.

It is simple to use and intuitive to operate the AirStart 10 APAP therapy machine. Patients only need to plug in the gadget and hit Start—there are no difficult menus or settings to navigate.

The machine is equipped with all the necessary features that a patient needs for smooth and natural therapy. 

The price of Resmed Airstart 10 APAP falls in the price range of Rs.42,000 – 45,000. You can get the best price of Airstart 10 at Oxygen Times that has the lowest price in the market.

To provide even more comfort during the night, heated humidification may help lessen typical therapeutic side effects such nasal congestion and a dry mouth or throat. Every AirStart 10 therapy device includes a built-in HumidAir humidifier, allowing your patients to immediately benefit from all the advantages of humidification. The humidification settings can be adjusted between 1-8 and can be turned off according to patient needs But it is always recommended to use a CPAP machine with a humidifier. Additionally, the humidifier tub is simple to use and control, making humidification simple and available to more patients.

The machine has an Expiratory Pressure Relief feature. As you exhale, EPR gradually reduces the pressure delivered to you, making it simpler to breathe out against the air pressure. The supplied pressure will not fall below 4 cm H2O when EPR is activated. For your sleep therapy to be as effective as possible and to guarantee that you obtain the high-quality sleep you need, you must feel comfortable using your CPAP while you are sleeping. Each breath will be more relaxed thanks to this function.

It has a Ramp feature that is intended to make therapy’s start more comfortable. Ramp time is the time between the therapeutic pressure’s low start pressure and the recommended treatment pressure. Ramp time can be set to anything from 5 to 45 minutes, or it can even be turned off.

The force of pressured air can be exhausting for beginning CPAP users. Many users can gasp for air and stop going to therapy. In order for patients to adhere to their therapy, the ramp feature progressively introduces them to breathing pressured air. When users become habituated to the feeling of their mask and compressed air while they sleep, they may occasionally stop using the ramp feature altogether.

To get the sleep data downloaded, Airstart 10 comes with a SD card. The SD card contains your therapy data. Your healthcare practitioner might want you to mail or bring in the SD card. Remove the SD card as directed by your healthcare professional.

Airstart 10 APAP is FAA approved, which means the machine is ideal for use in airplanes also, and it comes with a warranty of 2 years.