Technology has created new ways for a business to operate. Almost every sector is adapting the tools and techniques of the digital revolution. 

The restaurant industry is one of them as it also accepts and implements the changes to transform its clients and customers. 

Developing a mobile application for the restaurant business is part of the new change. This helps them increase their reach and deliver quality services to customers. 

This mobile app development solution effectively allows restaurant owners to conveniently manage all their activities and operations. 

Though if you are someone planning to develop a mobile app for your restaurant business, here is the complete guide about app development and the cost involved in it. 

An overview of mobile restaurant app 

A mobile restaurant application allows customers to access restaurant services from home. It allows restaurant owners to connect easily with customers and handle daily operations. 

Developing a mobile application is the best solution for owners who wish to enhance their customer experience by launching their food and services on a digital platform. 

It enables them to eliminate the distance between the customer and services and improve efficiency through the mobile application. 

The customer will also be facilitated with various services such as pick-up services, checking the availability, pre-booking, food delivery, digital menu, etc. 

Restaurants can also provide more services to their digital customers that can grab people’s palates. 

What is the need for a mobile restaurant application?

Restaurants are opting for mobile app development solutions as they are getting famous among the customers who like them. 

But do you know the need for a mobile application for your restaurant? Below is the answer to your question 

The restaurant industry is flourishing by developing a mobile app with the help of a mobile app development companyThey have got large customer base and new business opportunities with these mobile app solutions. 

In countries like India, 81% of people use the food delivery app to place their orders, resulting in increased revenue for companies. The mobile app’s installation has changed restaurants’ main objective. Today, they focus on active customer interaction to deliver an amazing user experience. 

The development of mobile applications helps them to seed their brand awareness. They post pictures of the restaurant’s food and interior for customers who place online orders. 

Additionally, the online payment features also turn feasible for them. Allowing the customers to place an online order for their meal builds loyalty between you and the customer. 

Cost to develop an app for restaurant 

There are many factors on which the cost to make an app for restaurants depends. It includes the region and experience of the company, platform for application development, tech stack and team structure, mobile application features, UX design, and many more. Let’s discuss them to evaluate your company’s overall cost of a mobile restaurant application. 

  • Region and Experience of the Company: The region and experience of your company are one of the primary factors that drive the restaurant mobile app development cost. 

For instance, in countries like India, UAE, the USA, and Europe, the per-hour cost of developing the mobile application for restaurants can range from $12/hr to $150/hr, depending upon the location. 

Likewise, experience also plays a vital role in mobile restaurant applications. The more experienced a company will be, the greater the app development cost. 

  • A platform for application development: A restaurant app’s development cost also varies depending on your selected platform. It may charge you less if you plan to hire a mobile developer to build an application for mobile development. 

Similarly, outsourcing the app development project to a food delivery app development company can be cost-expensive for you. Precisely, the food delivery app companies are also generating huge revenues. 

Research shows that global food delivery app development companies may grow by over $250.43 million by 2022.

However, developing your application through these platforms has merits and demerits. For instance, hiring a developer may save you cost, but the process will be lengthy. 

Similarly, outsourcing the project to a company may cost more, but the process will not be time consuming. 

  • Tech Stack and tech structure: The tech and tech structure of a mobile application include a programming language, front-end tools, back-end tools, etc. 

All these tools also determine the app development cost. Developers with detailed knowledge of these tools are hard to find in the industry. Hence, this creates a deficit in the market and, consequently, a rise in app development prices. 

  • Features of mobile application: The features of a mobile application include simplicity, complexity, search options, security, color options, push notifications, etc. These features combined decide whether the app will be simple, moderate, or large. Following is the cost based on the feature set – 
  1. The cost of a simple mobile app ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, has limited features and is only compatible with one platform. 
  2. For moderate mobile app development, the cost ranges from $15,000-$30,000 and has advanced features and design compatible with two platforms. 
  3. The estimated cost for complex mobile app development is $20,000-$50,000, and complex features, responsive design, and compatibility with multiple platforms.  
  • UX design: The design team needs to provide a setup that the restaurant app will rely on. A good portion of the overall cost of mobile app development depends on this factor. 

In this process, the team’s main aim is to enhance the overall look of the feature and build a user attraction interface. 

  • Payment integration: Payment integration is a service that validates and processes payments in your restaurant’s mobile application. It includes cash, debit card, PayPal, etc. This service connects your application’s checkout system to a payment acquiring network. 

Now, depending upon what level of features you require in your application, derive the cost of the payment integration. Generally, the cost of payment integration is around $2K, which usually takes 7 days to complete. 


Restaurant apps are becoming the perfect tools for eateries and food delivery services. Such applications are helping companies will small spending plans to gain potential customers. 

The restaurant apps also help them minimize expenses, providing customers with online order placement features. Also, it increases sales when customers place an order through the app. 

This transformation has just begun in rising innovation and achieving heights. You can outsource your project to a company or dedicated developers to improve food order deliveries and user-friendly design applications. 

Author Bio

Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app & web development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.