This winter storm passed across throughout the United States yesterday and dumped freezing, powdery snow over the majority of the country also dumped significant the snow on Kansas City.

There’s a good chance you’re browsing the web because there are numerous inquiries about the amount of snow we can be expecting. In the end, here’s our attempt to use data to calculate the total amount of snow by the time of snowfall. Let’s start with How Many of the Snow Kansas City.

When Do Kansas City’s First and Last Snowfalls Occur?

It appears that the Kansas City area is digging out of a winter storm that brought heavy snowfall as well as strong winds, and bitter cold. Snow typically begins falling within the Kansas City area in late December. It is however not uncommon to see snow falling in November or the month of October.

The final snow of the year usually is in March. However, the month of April is often reported to receive a light powder of snow. From May to September, the area generally is completely snow-free. Keep reading for more detail.

How Many of Snow Kansas City?

The amount of fresh snow that is deposited in Kansas City about six times per year amounts to at least one inch. The accumulation of snow that is greater than five inches in a day don’t occur every year.

Extreme snowstorms that dump 10-inches or more on one day are not heard of in this region. The likelihood that a particular day will be snowy is greatly on the time of the year.

How Much Snow Does Kansas City Normally Get?

Within Kansas City, around a tiny percentage of days during winter will have at least an inch of snow covering the ground.

In our study of how many of Snow Kansas City ,we found that the snow that surrounds Kansas City accumulates to a thickness of five inches more than three days per year. The snowfall is usually less than 10 feet during winter.

The amount of days in a month and a year within Kansas City with at minimum one three, five, or 10 inches of snow.

New Record of Snowfall

The snowfall that fell in Kansas City on Thursday set an unprecedented record on the 17th day of February. The snowfall of today appears to have shattered a nationwide record set more than 100 years ago for this day. Be sure to check the post to see how many of the Snow Kansas Citytill the end.

Today afternoon this afternoon, The National Weather Service Office shared the information on Twitter within Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City (MCI) has been blessed with 7.0 inches of snow surpassing the previous record for daily snowfall of 6.0 inches set in 1893.

Bottom Line

There are also monthly and annual totals for in the event that the city is subject to significant snowfalls and massive snow accumulations. Also, there is information about when the initial and last snowstorms of the season are expected to arrive in Kansas City.