Have you watched that Netflix program, Inventing Anna? Are you interested in learning more the story of Anna Delvey? If so, then you’ve come to the right spot!

Netflix released the series on its platform just recently and viewers are eager to learn more about Anna’s story and her time in prison.

Anna Delvey took the Internet world by storm after her identity was exposed and she was accused of swindling people to start their business within the United States.

How long did Anna Delvey Spend Timein prison? Let’s find out the answers.

What are you? Anna Delvey?

Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokin as a real name is Russian-born con-artist that claimed she was an German Heiress who was trying to set up her own business located in New York City, United States.

Anna changed her name and began acting like she was a German heiress , who is set to be granted her father’s trust funds when she is 25.

She didn’t just scam people , but also large American banks too.

What did she do What did she do, and why is she In Prison?

Are you looking for answers to What was the length of time Anna Delvey Served time in Jail but are you aware of her accusations and the reasons why she found to be guilty?

Anna has racked up hotels, people bank, friends, and others of $275,000. Anna was found guilty on numerous instances of attempted grand theft.

In 2017 Anna was detained in an operation to sting Michael McCaffery.

Anna arrived in New York in 2013 with an idea, and she pursued it in all the wrong way. She convinced the largest banks in the nation to loan her a substantial amount of money to fund her business plan. But she was unable to succeed and the truth of her story was discovered.

How Long Did Anna Delvey Last Time?

The most crucial question our readers asked was the period during which Anna was in prison.

Anna was found guilty of two to twelve years of prison time beginning in 2018; however she received parole after two years , in the month of February. Then, she was taken into ICE prison in march 2021, for overstaying her visa.

If you think that Anna is currently in jail, she’s not! Anna was in jail for two years, and is now seeking to be deported.

She frequently updates her Instagram profile, and also informs those following her about the details of her personal life and her custody situation.

We hope that you have the answer to the question you have been asking: How long did Anna Delvey’s Time in the Service?

About the Inventory Anna:

Inventing Anna is the latest Netflix series that has caught everyone’s attention due to its real-life tale about the girl Anna Delvey or Anna Sorokin and her conviction of various charges.

The show is based on the humorous tagline “This story is real, except for the bits that were invented.”

The show was met with mixed ratings and negative reviews.

The Final Words

Anna Sorokin was been a household name before Vanity Fair released their article discrediting Delvey’s method of pretending to appear to be a German Heiress and swindle hotels, individuals and banks.

How long did Anna Delvey spend time while in jail? We’ve answered your question in the above paragraph. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section.