Hip Tattoo

If you have a design or idea about getting a work of art on your hip, you will want to figure out how much does a hip tattoo costs before finding good artists. Our guide will give further information so that you can estimate the price of your tattoo. Scroll down! 

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How Much Does A Hip Tattoo Cost?

First of all, you should make sure about tattoos and their prices. There will be several price changes depending on the different positions or how much space the tattoo takes up on the hip.  

LocationAverage Cost
Small back hip tattoo$50 at the very least, and this is scarce details.
Side hip tattoo $50 to over $500, and it can extend to adjacent areas will cost way more.
Back hip tattoo$50 to over $1000. The wide price is due to the back of the hip being pretty broad. It can range from tiny to large, like half or full thigh tattoos.
Lower front hip tattooAround $150 and up. It might technically classify as a stomach tattoo because both areas are close together.

Factors Affecting A Hip Tattoo Cost

Many factors determine hip tattoo prices.


The size will impact whether you pay a flat rate, an hourly rate, or a half-or full-day rate. Larger tattoos take more time to complete than smaller ones, and they often require more effort to design.

Hip tattoo sizes and prices are classified into four categories: a hip tattoo under 2 inches is tiny, something 2 to 4 inches is small, 4-6 inches is medium, and six or more inches is large.


The price is influenced by how the artist designs the tattoo. 

The complexity and styling of different drawings will also increase the time required to tattoo, so consider the level of detail involved and the precision required to carry it out.


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Color tattoos are fairly more expensive than black and grey tattoos. The price difference comes down to how many different colors you want, how those colors are used, and the blending or shading required.

Artist experience

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Tattoo artists have a varying skill, experience, popularity, and reputation levels. The customer will be willing to pay a higher price for a high-quality artist.

Furthermore, some of the top professionals have the lightest and softest touch. While the pain level for hip tattoos ranges from high to severe, a good artist can help reduce the pain and avoid a longer healing process.


A studio in rural areas will undoubtedly charge less than in the cities. Cities with a higher standard of living and many other costs such as rent, electricity, and overhead included the tattoo’s price.

Tattoo prices are more likely to be higher if you live in a tourist-heavy area. 


Going to a safe, sanitary parlor that follows proper protocol will cost more than going to a shady, mediocre studio, but you should never compromise safety to save money. 

You’ll want to choose a tattoo parlor with a good reputation and is properly licensed in your state.


How does a hip tattoo cost? – The price varies depending on the different factors we have mentioned above.

Taking your time with pricing and preparing an accurate estimate is the best way to get a fair cost and a great hip tattoo. Hope you’ll find the person whose style best fits your own and have an exact long-term investment. Thanks for reading.