As COVID 19 has crossed the world, attempts to slow it down have led to several changes in the workplace as well as at home. One of these changes has been in-person meetings moving more to online than ever before, and any in-person meetings becoming smaller but held in larger spaces. These alterations are affecting all types of meetings and have led to the need for everyone to be up to date on technology. In addition, working from home has increased, and the shift to both businesses and people has had lasting effects.

Work Meetings Moved Online

As social distancing and face masks have become a regular part of interactions, several work meetings have moved online. Video calls have become the mainstream and allow for coworkers to meet any time of their workday to discuss important issues and to meet with clients as needed. It offers a way to see the nonverbal cues of a conversation and to maintain the connection that can be had only by seeing each other and can not be replicated through a phone call. As more businesses shut the doors and work becomes remote for many, there are scenarios where co-workers need to gather in person for strategic meetups. When online video conferencing doesn’t quite work, many are renting affordable meeting rooms to conduct business in. This is great for businesses that need to gather their employees for a short time to discuss projects, handle interviews, and meet with clients. These office spaces are furnished and ready for board meetings, sales pitches, and presentations.  

Learning About Coworkers Home Lives

While the time apart may have created a sense of separation between people, the view that is offered into their lives outside of work may bring people closer in other ways. With backgrounds, surrounding noises of the others within the home, and animals passing across the screen, people are seeing their coworkers as whole people with full lives more than just colleagues. This view into the human side of others can bring a more relaxed approach to some things, increased patience with delays and responses, and for some, increased balance between work and home. On the other hand, for some, working from home has increased the pressure of both work and home tasks, while others are using the time and money saved on the commute for other interests and better life balance. 

Family and Friends Gathering Online

In addition to work meetings, many family gatherings have moved online. Supper with everyone can be done any day of the week with no traveling, and weather no longer dictates travel plans or when you can see loved ones. Though these gatherings are different, they can be more frequent for those who are busy and can offer a solution to not seeing each other at all. 

Extracurricular Meetings Online

Classes, extracurricular activities, and other meetings have also shifted to online in several areas. Children’s dance classes, adult second language classes, and even book club meetings have found survival by moving to online meetings. When public spaces are no longer holding gatherings, people have moved to video calls where everyone can be seen and heard. COVID has created a shift in society where people are finding new ways to stay connected and in touch with work, coworkers, and their family and friends. This shift has made video calls, and video conference calls, a main way of communication, offering a glimpse into the life of people that are not usually seen as these video calls bring others into their homes.