Creating a warm welcome for your customers couldn’t be easier than with a fully tailored temporary marketing suite. 

But with so many temporary marketing suites on the market it’s easy to become overwhelmed when choosing the right one for your business. 

Which is why Useful Structures, experts in adaptable structures, have written this guide to temporary marketing suites.

What is a temporary marketing suite?

A temporary marketing suite is a temporary building that has been designed and constructed to act as a marketing suite. 

We know that when you think of a temporary building, you might think of a flimsy, thin walled building. But you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Temporary marketing suites are built to meet building regulations This means they’re built to last, making them a fantastic investment for your business. 

Commonly used on new build development sites to house showrooms, temporary marketing suites are a great way to make a good first impression. 

Designed to complement your brand identity, your marketing suite will inspire and encourage your customers to make a purchase. 

Portable marketing suites

Because of the way they’re designed and assembled, portable marketing suites are easy to take apart and transport. This means, just as the name suggests, portable marketing suites can be moved between locations.

Additionally, each time you choose to move your marketing suite it can be modified to complement its new home. Whether this means changing the exterior to match the new location, or slightly altering the interior to suit a new sales team’s way of working. 

Bespoke marketing suites

These marketing suites are fully made to order meaning they will fully satisfy your requirements, going above and beyond to help you secure those extra sales. 

Bespoke marketing suites can usually be made to any size, even accommodating multiple levels where needed. 

Budget marketing suites

This single unit construction is a step up from your traditional sales cabin. Still made to order by many companies, budget marketing suites perform fantastically whilst ensuring you stick to your marketing budget.

What are the benefits of a temporary marketing suite?

The advantages that a temporary marketing suite will bring to your business are endless.  

  • They’re always fit for purpose. No matter which temporary marketing suite you opt for, the design team will usually sit down with you to discuss your requirements, from size, height and layout, right through to colours, materials and fixtures. This will ensure your structure is fully fit for purpose from the onset. 
  • They can accommodate a whole host of requirements. From small reception areas to meet and greet customers, to larger spaces to house a full sales team. Or maybe you’re selling homes ‘off plan’ and need somewhere to showcase your show rooms and apartments to encourage early sales. You can be sure your marketing suite can accommodate this. 
  • Temporary marketing suites are great value for money. Your customers will gain a much better experience visiting your fully customised marketing suite than they would sitting in a bland porta cabin. Not only will it provide a warm, comfortable welcome, but it will give them an idea of the quality their home will be built to, as well as the customer service they’ll receive, therefore encouraging sales. 

Choosing your temporary marketing suite provider

Ultimately, temporary marketing suites are a great way to enhance the look and feel of your development site. 

When choosing your marketing suite provider, make sure to choose a reputable, experienced team who can bring your ideas to life and help your business stand out from the crowd. 

If you have any questions about temporary marketing suites, the team at Useful Structures are happy to help.