How a VPN Improves Your Online Security

A VPN improves your security because it encrypts all of your internet traffic, before it even reaches the VPN server. It also guides your data through a much more secure “VPN tunnel”. This makes it more difficult for others, such as authorities and hackers, to intercept and access your data . Therefore, it is really important to use a iTop VPN when connected to (unsafe) public WiFi networks.

 How a VPN Guarantees Your Anonymity and Privacy

A VPN provides better online anonymity because you won’t be surfing the net from a publicly exposed IP address. It allows you to consult websites confidentially. Your personal IP address will be concealed as soon as you connect to the VPN server, as it will be replaced by the VPN server’s IP address. Normally, other users may associate your online activities with your identity and location based on your IP address. For example, your internet service provider, the websites you visit and many governments can generally see everything you do online.

With a VPN, it is only possible to trace your online activities to the VPN server and no longer to you (unless, of course, you are connected to certain websites such as YouTube or Google). Many VPN services do not disclose or monitor what you do on their servers. You will then become much more anonymous on the internet, because you cannot be identified or tracked thanks to your IP address.

How a VPN Improves Your Online Freedom

VPNs can give you greater freedom online. It allows you to connect to servers spread all over the world. Once connected to a VPN server in a given country, you will access the internet as if you were physically in that country. This is convenient, because the internet is not freely accessible everywhere. Some countries censor parts of the net or impose restrictions on social networking sites or online streaming services .

If you’re on vacation or have emigrated, you may not be able to access your regular content. A VPN will also allow you to connect to the Internet via servers located in your country of origin, and thus to follow your favorite series or consult blocked Internet sites. And vice versa: if you want to access websites or streaming services from another country (for example to watch another version of Netflix ), you can iTop VPN للكمبيوتر  and use a VPN.

 A VPN protects you on public WiFi networks

If you’re using a public WiFi network, you’re an easy target for hackers. This type of network is less secure than your home network. You don’t know who else is connected to this network and who configured it. Hackers exploit security holes in public WiFi networks so they can steal your personal information and data. We always recommend using a VPN on these networks.

It routes your traffic through an encrypted tunnel. Once your data is encrypted it will be almost impossible for anyone to view it. This makes it much more difficult for hackers, authorities and your internet service provider to access your personal data.