This article provides complete information on July 8 Mini Crossword Homophone Wortle, as well as details about the game’s alternative.

Are you able solve all the mini crossword clues? Are you searching for mini crossword answers to your puzzles? If so, you can find all the answers in this article. Mini crossword has a new word challenge. This is the CanadaUnited States and Australia most popular games.

This article will cover all details regarding the July 18 Mini Crossword . Keep checking the blog for updates.

July 18 Mini-Crossword Solution and Clues

Mini Crossword offered a word challenge that was very difficult to solve. Mini Crossword now has other fun word puzzles. Here are the Clues, and the solution for the NYT Mini Crossword.

  • Signed in the form of a contract – INKED.
  • Library Carrel Essential- DESK
  • Praiseful Poems- ODES.
  • Homophone for Scents, Cense and Cents- SENSE.
  • Elements below helium in the periodic table – NEON.
  • IDO.
  • Library Offers – BOOKS
  • You preach to the choir- IKNOW.
  • Opposite SSE- NNW.

Players struggled to find the 4th clue in the word challenges. Homophone Definition: It is a word that is pronounced the same way as another word, but has a different spelling and meaning.

All about the NYT Mini Crossword

Since the game’s introduction among players, everyone has loved this game. The New York Times releases this game. The NYT Mini Crossword has two versions: Across and Down.

This game is unlike other crossword puzzles because players can guess the word from the clues. Players can enjoy the game by visiting their portals.

It’s still very difficult to solve word challenges. The fourth clue was not easy for Mini Crossword Puzzle players, as they did on July 18. Players were also asking Does Homophone count as a Word To close the questions, we’ve shared the definition for Homophone above.

Alternatives to the NYT Mini Crossword

Here are the alternatives to Mini Crossword.

  • Wordle This is one the most popular word puzzle games. The five-word puzzle’s hidden letter is the object of this game. Only six players have the chance to solve this word puzzle.
  • Spelling Bee A fantastic game by The New York Times. It is a seven-letter puzzle that’s been arranged in a Honeycomb pattern. The letters are given to players and they must create a word using four to five letters.

Was July 18 Mini Crossword Homophone Wordle hard?

It was difficult for players to grasp the July 18 clues, particularly the fourth word. Every day, the game will reveal a new word mystery. We’ve also shared the answers if you didn’t guess the July 18 Mini Crossword word.


It was difficult for players to figure all the clues in the July 18 Mini Crossword. This article provides full details. This link will take you to for more information about July 18 Mini Crossword puzzle.

This article provides complete information about the July 8 Mini Crossword Homophone Wordle.

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