Colleagues are the backbone of any company, big or small, and hiring the best talent is what will drive your organization to success. While being skilled in talent acquisition is a learning that comes with training and experience, there are always things you can do to boost the journey!

And for smaller businesses that don’t want to spend hundreds on the recruitment process, they can look into taking on the task themselves. How? Well, with my hiring best practices, of course! Over the years I’ve been able to delve into strategy after strategy, accumulating a mental note of what works best when it comes to talent acquisition.

Here are my secrets for you:

  1. Build your Brand

The best hiring practice is to make people want to work with you, simple as is. And how are you going to do that? By building your brand, of course! No matter which industry you serve in or the size of your organization, creating your brand identity is of the essence – and not just for hiring, but for sales too!

Develop a recognizable brand identity that consists of certain attributes attached to your company, positive reinforcements about the work culture and environment, an inclusive and diverse outlook on hiring talent, and the opportunity for growth and nurturing. The end goal of your brand identity should be to have a positive and well-lauded presence in the job market – if people hear good things about you, they’ll be lining up themselves to work with you!

  1. Master LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Instagram of the corporate world – if you make it big on LinkedIn, then success is more or less guaranteed. Stellar LinkedIn company profiles attract top talent, and with the networking buzz that the social platform holds, there’s just about every type of individual out there, so you can easily fulfill all of your hiring needs. 

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is the first step – use the right keywords, regularly update company information, and be active with job postings as well as with showing colleague testimonials and company work culture. 

One of the first things that an individual sees once they venture onto your LinkedIn page is the banner, and it’s make or break right from that point. A dull – or often missing – LinkedIn banner will drive talent away faster than a second, whereas an inviting and captivating one will pull in the best talent. 

With PosterMyWall’s LinkedIn banner templates you can easily design just the banner you need! Scroll through the many template options available and customize them to your liking, creating personalized content all without the need for a graphic designer. Yes, that’s right – with PosterMyWall you can create stunning LinkedIn banners right from your computer, no professional needed, it’s that simple! Oh, and the minimal cost will make you happier than ever!

  1. Rule Social Media

While we’re on the topic of LinkedIn it’s good to cover all the bases. While LinkedIn may be a networking and employment hotspot, other social media platforms aren’t to be ignored in today’s technologically connected world. 

Make sure to stake your presence on top platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, consistently churning out high-performing content to fill your pages. Not only will your social presence help build and solidify your brand identity, but it will also help your company reach a wider audience.

And who does this audience include? Potential colleagues, of course! In fact, you should take advantage of your following and advertise job openings on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – what with their combined userbase, you could have your entire company hiding on there! 

And of course, the best route for this advertising is making use of PosterMyWall’s flyer maker. With dozens of templates to choose from, PosterMyWall’s flyer maker is just what you need to populate your social media pages. Create posts advertising job openings, company news, milestones, or even industry-relevant trivia – all with a tool that’s so easy to use you don’t even need to hire a graphic designer!

And the best part? There’s no compromise on quality and the cost is so low that you’ll barely feel it! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

So, use these hiring best practices to fill your company with the most talented and dedicated individuals out there, you best believe your company will love you for it!