A tipi was initially used by Native Americans who led a nomadic life. It merely required being set up by a wooden pole in the middle. Building a tipi at any suitable place allowed them to have shelter for a short period which they would dismantle and move on to another location. This was how tipis were originally used. 

The scenario regarding the use of tipi is quite different in the contemporary era. Today, we use tipi and marquee as an extravagant setup built for an occasion of some kind. An important item of use for the nomads became our item of luxury. These days’ glamping’ is the new trend that extensively uses tipis. This has become very popular recently, and sometimes it also involves night stays within the tipis, which are made extravagantly, fit to spend the night in. 

Why Should You Hire a Tipi? 

Your celebrations need a new twist now and then. You can now amp up your occasion by hiring a tipi that graces your function with its beauty and magnificence. However, we promise our tipi won’t be more gorgeous than you. You’ll both be at par, complementing each other! 

Worry no more if you are worried about the weather while having an outdoor ceremony. No matter the weather, our setup is strong and waterproof enough to keep you and your guests secure underneath it. Do not let the disadvantageous weather conditions stop you from having fun. No rain will ruin your parade because we have you covered. Continue your celebrations with the same vigour regardless of the weather. 

Celebrating your joy with us somehow includes us being a part of your celebration. No matter what you’re celebrating, our tipis will become an inevitable part of it once you hire us. 

Celebrate your fiftieth anniversary in style by using our exclusive marquees. 

Just got engaged? So he finally popped the question! This calls for a celebration. Be it an intimate one just between the newly engaged couple or a giant one including both sides of the family, have an outdoor celebration. Hire stunning giant Nordic tipis for engagement Port Douglas. We provide a small tipi or a large marquee, whatever you desire. We will not disappoint you. Leave your planning for us to take care of. One small thing we need from you is trust. Our company is built on the foundation of trusted customers who always appreciate our work and know that they have made the right choice by choosing us. 

Hire a small tipi for a few close guests or a giant one for all your acquaintances. 

Marquee hire for engagement ceremony Atherton Tableland is completely possible with our company. Why have a common venue when you could do this? 

Remember to contact us with your ideas and themes. Allow us to partake in your occasion and bring your theme to life, all inside our tipis.