This account is required to find out what Hippo Shop reviews regarding an internet-based marketplace which sells household goods like electrical fittings, sanitaryware and more.

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In this post, we’ve talked about a similar online platform. People from the United Stateswant to know more about the business practices of this site. Thus, it is recommended to read to find out what the Hippo Shop Review.

What is Hippo Shop?

Hippo Shop is an online shop that is offline and deals with home appliances like bathroom fittings, tiles, paints, sanitary wares electric fittings lighting, and more. It also offers tools and hardware like padlocks, fasteners and glass fittings, etc.

Customers can make their purchases online and receive delivery at the door of the goods. Customers can also visit the shops that are identified on the site. The user can look through the catalogue on the website to make a decision with certainty.


Please take a look at the features of this site to answer your concern. Are Hippo Shop legit?.

  • Portal Type Portal Type An online store offline that sells products that are related to sanitary ware and electric fittings, paints and more.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address – 4th Floor, Hansalaya, 15, Barakhamba Rd., New Delhi – 110 001
  • Telephone Number –9311035035
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • Sorting Option –Absent
  • Filtering Method –Present
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service –Mentioned
  • Shipping Information Shipping Information The approximate timeline is listed in every product. The delivery costs will be displayed in the page of payment based on the type of product.
  • Payment Options Payment Options Not listed on our homepage or in any other separate policy.
  • Social Media Linking –Connected. It reinforces your opinion regarding the Hippo Shop Reviews. Shop reviews.
  • information on refunds and returnsThe team has clarified the policies on returns for each type of product. The method of refunding is through credit notes, which are valid for one year.
  • Products’ Price –Given in INR.


Find out the benefits from this shop.

  • The team has listed all of the information required within the Return Policy.
  • Each product is illustrated with high-quality images.


We have highlighted certain negative aspects of this website.

  • There isn’t any information on the payment options available on the homepage or in any other policy.
  • Customers must pay at the time of checkout for delivery costs and not earlier than the time.

Is Hippo Shop Legit

Read the details in this section to understand the authenticity of this website. You can make a decision regarding the website’s authenticity by reading these details.

  • Website AgeThe time of the website was one year, eleven months. The creators of the platform created the platform on May 21st, 2020.
  • website trust Score 60 %60 percent This represents an Average Trust Index.
  • Alexa rank of323,562 which is an above average grading. Therefore, many users might have visited this site and used their services in the past.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews We have not found any reviews section on the products. However certain customers have left favorable feedback on the Hippo Shop Reviews in the form of testimonials.
  • Social Media Connection –The platform is linked via its various social media accounts which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • The presence of Contact Details –The team has listed the contact details of all contacts on this site. The address of the stores is available, along with the headquarters. Additionally, number of contact and email addresses are accessible for customer support and for business needs.
  • Incomplete FeaturesThe website does not provide the payment options, and it does not include an option to sort.

The above data reveals mixed opinions regarding the platform. Therefore, we can’t affirm its credibility. We recommend that users read more reviews prior to exploring this site.

Hippo Shop Reviews

While the website was created in the past year but we couldn’t find any mention of it on major review forums. However, it does feature reviews from customers listed on its home page. The reviews are generally positive and users seem to be happy with the service of this site. However, the absence of reviews from other Internet sources does not prove the authenticity of this platform. Therefore, we ask you to learn what you can do to Recover your money from PayPal fraudsters to protect yourself.

The Final Verdict

The site has some reviews regarding its services. But, there aren’t any reviews on Hippo Shop Reviews on other review sites online on the Web. Therefore, we recommend that readers be aware of what to do to Refund money on credit cards credit cardfor awareness. Also, we suggest you study on lighting with LEDs to enhance your knowledge of technology.

Do you think this site is authentic? Do you have any comments.