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Do you love new daily challenges? You don’t have to wait! Play wordle and get daily challenges. Are you familiar with wordle? It is a game that you have probably played. It is very popular in the United Kingdomthe United States of America, Canada, Australia, and India.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer. Keep reading the article. You will learn all about the wordle as well as the answer to July 2022 wordle 388, which closely resembles the Hight. Keep reading until the end.

Wordle 388 – Answers and Hints:

People make mistakes when they try to guess the wordle game. But it’s not something to worry about. When you see it from a different perspective it appears to have different answers. The correct answer to this wordle is NIGHT.

Here are some suggestions:

  • This word is used every day in our daily lives. !
  • In this wordle, no words are repeated.
  • To wish someone a good night’s sleep, you can say this word every day.

While this wordle may be easy to solve it does not necessarily mean all things are easy. Hight Definition is a bit like the word pronouncing. It’s similar to night and height, which have the same frequency. Is it something you do the same as others?

Details on wordle-

It was a well-known game that offered daily puzzles. These are often followed by hints to help us understand the puzzle better and find out the answer. It has been a hugely popular game that people love to play. They are often so interested in the answers they can spend hours digging for them. Many people initially believed that Hight Wordle was the answer, but this was wrong. The night turned out to be similar to Hight.


These are the rules that will allow you to comprehend the wordle games:

  • You can play it every evening in mid, but you can only do it once.
  • You must guess five words
  • Clues will also be provided
  • There will only be 6 chances
  • The colour will change to green, yellow, or grey when you enter the word. It is sorted.

It’s challenging, but fun.

Was the Hight Wordle difficult to solve?

Although this is a simple problem, the hints are easy to guess. However, it’s not hard to solve.


Wordle 388 is a simple answer, and many people enjoy playing it at night. This article explains wordle 388 in detail and shows you how to play it. Click here for additional information.

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