You must have heard the phrase “first impression is the last impression” several times in your life. When you enter an office, the outlook of the office immediately leaves an impression in your head. If the office is untidy and unorganized, you will immediately start questioning the company’s working methods and quality of work, products, or services provided. Admit it or not but your office workspace says a lot about your company or firm. As a supervisor or manager of an office, you need to ensure that your office space looks professional and neat. 

Additionally,  a neat and sleek office also provides a better work environment for the employees. You will notice increased efficiency of employees in a neater workspace. Cleanliness has a direct impact on the productivity of employees. Moreover, it has a positive effect on employee satisfaction as well.  On the other hand, cluttered workspaces will immediately provide a gloomy and lenient environment for the employees.   

But don’t worry, we got you covered!

Here are some ways you can bring to your office for a better work environment. 

Let your office be roomy. 

Cluttered workspaces bring a negative connotation to the workspace. If you are an employee at an office with smudged workplaces or departments, chances are you do not like your office space. This is because physically constricting zones restrict your creativity and affect your mood negatively. 

So if you wish to make your office roomy and maximize your employee performance and productivity, I suggest you use hanging room dividers. You can easily get your hands on various deosgns and colours of room dividers that can match with the room’s colour theme. Room dividers allow ventilation as well as a serene work environment. 

Eliminate excess furniture. 

No, you do not need to keep that lamp in the corner of the office for display purposes. Get rid of all excess furniture that is of little or no use. Free up as much space as possible so your office space can feel more open, comfortable, and peaceful. 

Improve the lighting and temperature control. 

Lighting and temperature have a lot of impact on the environment of the office. You may notice a spike in headaches in people around you in the summers. If it is a little too hot, you will notice an irritable and annoyed touch in literally everyone’s tone. This is because weather and temperatures affect the way we function. On the other hand, dim lighting will make your employees lazy and drowsy with sleep. Hence, invest in better and abundant lighting options for your office. 

Provide comfortable chairs. 

Working long hours in the same position is not an easy task to do, especially if you have to sit upright in an uncomfortable chair for it. You might need several breaks to refresh which will disrupt your creativity and the tempo you build up. 

Provide employees with comfortable office chairs. Trust me on this, they will start loving you as their boss and you will see an incline in employee performance and productivity. 

Lastly, take employee feedback. 

When you are done re-decorating, remember to take employee feedback. This will not only make your employees appreciate and acknowledge your efforts but will also enhance the employee-employer relationships.