Because of this, a strange live-action trailer starring UFC fighter Israel Adesanya was released in June, and the director of the game, Hidetaka Miyizaki, reassured players that cheap Elden Ring items will continue to receive updates in the years to come. In light of this, we anticipate seeing more of the technical tweaks and fixes that have been implemented over the course of the past few months in due course; however, we are curious as to what might be included in a fully fledged premium DLC package.

New areas that delve even further into the previously established mythology

– When it comes to any of FromSoftware’s previous games, the most exciting feature of each game’s downloadable content (DLC) is the opportunity to explore new locations

– This is true for all of FromSoftware’s titles

– Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that the cursed brother of Melania plays a reasonably significant role in, well, pretty much everything in Elden Ring, we don’t actually know all that much about him

– It wasn’t long after the game was released that dataminers discovered previously unheard dialogue for Miquella

– Because of this, it’s possible that we will actually get the chance to hear this

– I would be thrilled to see something Lovecraftian, something that combines the most depraved aspects of the Lands Between with the last third of the story from Bloodborne

– A significant portion of Elden Ring is based on cosmic horror, and I would be thrilled to see something Lovecraftian

– Give me an option that is comparable to Sen’s Fortress, a place that is analogous to Blighttown, or even, dare I say it, The Gutter from Dark Souls 2 as a possible choice

Cut content locations

And while we’re at Elden Ring Runes PS for sale, I’d love to see some of Elden Ring’s cut content locations restored, particularly that super-awesome-looking colosseum that was discovered by a prolific dataminer and modder, Lance Macdonald, just a few weeks after the game was initially released. If we could do that, I’d be very happy. The locations of these arenas are as follows: Leyndell, Mulgrave, and Called in that order. It is difficult to picture these distinct open spaces without also thinking about the towering beasts that could potentially inhabit them, as is the case with every game developed by FromSoftware. These distinct open spaces are difficult to picture without also thinking about these towering beasts. Players have eventually settled in these areas in order to participate in player versus player (PvP) combat with other people online, despite the fact that none of these locations were necessarily intended to be used specifically for player versus player (PvP) combat. This is because the maps in the Dark Souls series are relatively small in size. If I had to pick, I’d say the Mountaintops of the Giants location at the end of the game is the best one; however, the inclusion of something new and exciting in the form of downloadable content (DLC) would be very much appreciated. In point of fact, the Painted World of Ariamis and the Painted World of Ariandel are among my favourite locations in any of the meticulously crafted worlds that the developer has created. This is largely attributable to the skillful handling of snow levels that FromSoftware exhibits in both of these worlds. And if I’m being totally forthright, I really did anticipate that one or two of Godfrey’s castle paintings would serve as a portal to a location that was functionally equivalent to the Elden Ring. Godfrey would be an excellent choice for residency in the Painted World, and if I’m being completely honest, I really did anticipate that. If the current restrictions on multiplayer were lifted, the Elden Ring co-op experience would become more fluid, more realistic, and most importantly, a great deal more enjoyable. LukeYui, a PC modder, developed a version of Elden Ring that allows players to form alliances at any point during the game, beginning with the game’s tutorial and continuing all the way through to the game’s final boss. This version of the Elden Ring was created by LukeYui.

Give Torrent some love

Torrent, the player’s devoted ethereal steed, proves to be a formidable ally in the early stages of Elden Ring’s story. The Luminous Realm is the location of Torrent’s presence. Something comprehensive with mounts in mind would be awesome. I’d love to see something that focuses on PvP; anyone up for some jousting? Something expensive that takes mounts into consideration would be wonderful. Something that focuses on player versus player combat; anyone up for some jousting? Having the option to customise the colour of our armour and weapons would be fantastic on the most fundamental level. On the other hand, it would be incredible if we were able to design our very own Ashes of War in the same manner as some of the game world’s more outlandish characters. When I try to drop an opponent who is standing on a lower platform, for instance, but instead I am pushed a few meters forward and then I fall into the void, this is an example.