No doubt leather has high significance in the fashion industry due to its high quality and appealing beauty. Many brands are today enjoying the affection and appreciation of their customers due to their consideration of leather as input. However, it’s quite strange that leather jackets are even damageable. That’s more common in the case of an artificial leather jacket. However, that’s acceptable because they are not designed for lifetime usage. 

Don’t think real leather jackets don’t damage ever. No doubt, real leather is so durable to resist upcoming damages. They could be even used forever. However, they sometimes lose their appearance and beauty due to some factors. 

What are these factors? How to avoid damages considering these factors? Let’s discuss this in detail. If you successfully grasp everything it’ll really benefit you forever in an amazing way. It will help you find the best mens jackets, that will suit your personality as well as serve the right purpose.

So, let’s begin.

Why Do Some Mens Leather Jackets Get Damaged Very Soon?

Understanding the cause of the problem is essential before moving on to the solution. Let’s see some reasons why leather jackets lose their quality with time. You may find the case that happened with you so you can identify it and avoid it in the future.

If your jacket is made of real leather, remember it’s animal skin so it requires proper maintenance and moisturization. When leather becomes dry, it begins peeling and thus cracking. 

You should apply a suitable conditioner or cleaner (or both) for keeping your jacket’s surface moisturized. Also, note the humidity levels because a too low humidity level allows the leather to lose its moisture and that results in a brittle surface.

Mostly, it’s actually not the leather that’s cracking but the sealant or finishes on the surface. If you use the wrong product (e.g the product containing chemicals and solvents) for cleaning the jacket, the leather will peel off. Even the baby wipes are not suitable as the chemicals they constitute break down and rub the leather topcoat off. So, they are safe for babies, not for your leather jacket.

In the end, it’s important to note that the pealing and cracking level of leather depends upon its quality. Like bonded leather (cheap alternative to quality or top grain leather) is likely to cause damages while high-quality leather will never peal if kept in a secure environment.

Hacks to Retain Your Leather Jacket for Mens Beauty for Many Years

  1. Prevention is Better than Cure!

Apart from the field of medicine, this quote could also be considered for other aspects like maintaining your jacket. High quality is sealed to support you ever but there’s always a danger that can ruin the appearance. So what to do to avoid ruining your jacket?

  1. Tips to Care for Your Leather Jacket
  • Wear it When Needed

You can simply reduce the risk of damage by only considering the jacket when required for the specific occasion. However, the tip is more suitable for artificial leather jackets because they are more desirable to welcome damages than the real leather jacket that promises long-term usage.

  • Dry it Properly

First of all, don’t let your jacket get wet to avoid doing an effort to dry it. It’s better but you can also handle the situation if it gets wet in an undesirable situation like sudden rain. Try drying it as quickly as you can because leather is so fast to absorb water including raindrops.

  • Hang it Properly

Hang it in a place where there’s no chance of exposure to direct sunlight. Because the heat and sunlight can ruin your jacket’s appearance by damaging its color. 

  • Clean it Once Every Six Months:

Don’t think that if you buy a high-quality mens leather jacket you’ll not have to care about its cleaning. Every leather requires proper cleaning at least after six months. It depends upon you that you wanna clean it after two to three months or specified to six months routine. We personality suggest cleaning two times a year is enough. Remember to clean it only if required. 

  • Don’t Keep it in One Place All the Time

It doesn’t matter your closet is properly cleaned, don’t keep your jacket there for long. It’ll otherwise suffocate. Keep on checking it to make sure it’s alive and in good condition.

2. Tips for Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

If there’s a little dust or rust on the leather jacket, a soft brush will be the best option. You can also use a small dry cloth for cleaning small particles. Don’t mix the jacket with water or use a conditioner if the specific area is simply affected by rain or dust. If your jacket accidentally got pen marks, coffee stains, or any unwanted scratches from rough roads, try leather cleansers. They help remove any stain. You can also use alcohol with water in the affected area.

3. Tips to Recover Scratches

Before you recover the scratches, clean the affected area with a brush or wet cloth. Remove all the dust so scratches will appear clearly. If suitable, use a marker or pen to hide the scratches. Just get the suitable one and apply it to the affected area to hide it completely. 

It’s a great method if you can get the pen matching your jacket. Then apply the leather shoe polish with the help of soft cotton and allow the jacket to dry. In the end, spray a leather protector on the whole jacket to secure the leather. It’ll resist water and increase your jacket’s life.

Note that these are general tips, not a defined method. You can search for more information.


That was all about applicable hacks to consider for protecting and modifying the mens leather jacket. In simple, first, avoid it getting damaged by protecting it well. Then, do proper cleaning in case of any dirt, or spot. Recover scratches by first identifying the affected area by cleaning the jacket well and then try hiding it well.

So, it’ll last for many years to come and support you every time boosting your fashion sense.