Thinking about themselves because the recognizable and reputed companies, online fraudsters and scammers lure customers within the U . s . States to click phishing links, planning to steal card details and private information.

The phishing links within the text and emails result in fraud survey pages that provide costly gifts like iPhone and iPad Pro Tablet. But, you mustn’t be taken in by these scam texts and phishing links.

Lately, a brand new Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam continues to be circulating on the internet and social networking, planning to steal the private and account information on you.

Presenting GroupMe

GroupMe may be the innovative mobile group messaging application managed by Microsoft Corporation. The audience messaging application premiered this year with a private company known as GroupMe.

By 2011, the audience messaging application delivered greater than 100 million messages monthly, and also the number elevated to 550 million monthly by 2012. Today, the messaging application has over 12 million users worldwide.

It’s headquartered in New You are able to, the U . s . States, and also the key individuals the organization are Jared Hecht, Steve Martocci, and also the company’s parent firm is Skype Technologies.

What’s Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam?

Groupme Ipad Pro Scam may be the new fake message scam delivered to the people that use the group messaging application. The scammers are delivering emails and texts that contains phishing links, and because the users click the link, they’re redirected to some fake survey page. It claims to give the iPad Pro Tab approaching effective completing the internet survey.

However, they need to take a web-based survey and finish it effectively. Additionally, users need to pay a delivery charge that they have to share their details and charge card details, which is in which the Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam starts.

Scammers urge you to accomplish laptop computer and share their personal and charge card details. Consequently, the scammers steal individuals details and misuse them later.

So How Exactly Does the Scam Work?

•           The scam happens via emails, texts, and communication services like GroupMe.

•           The scammers send scam texts with phishing links and claim that they can offer costly gifts upon finishing a web-based survey.

•           As the consumer clicks the hyperlink, the Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam starts because they are redirected towards the fake survey page where they need to undertake laptop computer.

•           After finishing laptop computer, they’re announced because the iPad Pro Tab champion, and to have it sent to their doorstep, users need to pay the delivery charges using charge card details.

•           So, the scammers note these personal and card details to misuse them later with no owner’s consent.


There are lots of reviews available which confirm that it’s a scam. Scammers are requesting money as little as $2 and stating that it’s the delivery charge for that product. However, you mustn’t fall under the Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam and share any details.

According to these reviews, scammers target different people that use the message application and send messages from ID that pretends to become from GroupMe.

How you can Report the Scam?

If you wish to stay protected against such scams, then ensure to report it towards the Ftc. Besides, you have to acquire useful tips about how to Safeguard Yourself from the Scam.


The Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam is circulating on the internet, and also you must report it immediately to alert others concerning the scam. You mustn’t click any suspicious links you obtain via text and emails in the GroupMe.

Have you ever received such scam emails or texts? Then, please share the way you reported the scams within the comment section.