Gaming has established their foundations on the internet and technological advancements of today. This is why the game industry is growing more rapidly. There is a reason for this, games are enjoyable and players can choose to earn money from it.

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What exactly is GPO?

The official name that is GPO can be described as “Grand Piece Online.” It’s an online video game. Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game.

Certain players come across special fruits that boost the abilities of those who consume them, or aid them in their efforts to beat bosses that are intimidating. Certain people make money from unknown islands out in the ocean. The path you choose to take is yours. It is also possible to form teams and separated. The idea came from the famous shounen-novel “One Piece’.

There is also an online community and the aim of the Wiki community is to gather information on the game to aid players in their development along with other pursuits.

Gpo Krampus Drops

Krampus the Ravager is an enormous boss on a stationary platform which appears at Winter Cave during the Christmas Event 2021. The boss is armed with the Festival Lancer that has been increased in size. Once you have entered into the gate, it takes three mins (180 seconds) for him to appear.

It is equipped with two million HP and doesn’t cause M1-related harm. It seems to use only its skills, and not the massive festival lancer it possesses. However, be aware it is stationary that is, it can not move. This is more challenging than the previous bosses. You will also have to comprehend its behaviour.

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Releases Krampus

Here are the kinds of drops Krampus offers:

  • Hat to be an Tall Elf (5-25 percent )
  • Horns from Reindeer (5-25 per cent )
  • Scarf composed from peppermint (5 percent )
  • Santa’s attire (25 percent )
  • Hat for a Festive Tree (5 5 percent )
  • The hat from Rudolph (5-25 per cent )
  • The Beard of Santa Claus (5-25 percent )
  • “The Lancer” of the festival (1 percent )
  • Belly Armor is a type of armor manufactured by Bell (5-25 percent )

A few moves by Krampus:

  • Icicle Rain-Krampus yells and releases blockable icicles DMG 5-20
  • Breath of Frost

In this article Gpo Krampus Drops, we have gathered every possible detail and put it all together. We hope that you will find the facts and details about the boss Krampus useful. Drops of all kinds are discussed in this article. Additionally, there are other moves, but we did not list all of them here.


The damage done to this boss is impressive. It attacks via drops. The complete information on drops is provided on this page. Overall, the game is quite good.