The Google Wordle Game is an article that explains Google’s new easter egg with Wordle.

Google is known to love your Wordle game. You can read the article to learn more.

Every day, people Worldplay this game. It almost feels like a daily routine. Wordle has been the talk of the town for many reasons over recent months. Primarily because it moved to The New York Times. People around the globe have been fascinated by this news. Google now recognizes your favorite video game and creates an easter egg of Wordle.

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Wordle Easter Egg

Google has launched an easter egg to Wordle just days ago. Open Google, type Wordle into the search bar. The Easter egg is at the upper left-hand side. The word “Google”, six letters, is followed by an animation that runs through some words, from column, Goalie, to Google.

Wordle is honored by the yellow, green, and grey boxes located at the top of the search box. This feature is available on both a phone and desktop. This is Google’s Google Word Game.

What does Wordle mean?

Wordle is a word game that Josh Wardle created. Wordle is an app that you can download to your phone or computer. It’s similar to crosswords puzzles, but it’s simple and enjoyable. The only limitation is that you can only play the game once per week. Every 24 hours, you will see a new word, and it is up to you to decode. Wordle’s rules can be found here.

Wordle is a recent news story due to its migration from the New York Times. This game is played by over 300,000 .

Google Wordle Game – How to Play Wordle

Wordle will give your six chances to guess a five word word at random, if you put the correct word in the box. If you type an incorrect word, it will display green. Grey is used to highlight letters that are missing from words.

Easter Egg:

Google has produced a number of easter eggs which have been viral over the past several years. Recent years have seen a lot of popularity for easter eggs like Super Mario Bros., Thanos. Packman.

One of them Google Word Game. Google created an easter eggs to celebrate Wordle’s popularity.

The Last Thoughts

Wordle is an old game that many people have become familiar with. They are having a lot fun with this game Google has created a Wordle Easter egg. Google’s enthusiasm for Wordle is what delights people who like to play Wordle.

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