There’s no question that getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important. Good sleep will help you feel your best and be able to swat away stress and frustration. However, when sleep is bad, it can affect every part of your life and health.

Many people struggle to sleep well. Here are some helpful tips:

– Make a routine: Keep a regular time to both go to bed and wake up.

– Create a “before bed routine”: This will help you train yourself to go to bed consistently and sleep will improve as a result over time.

– Invest in a good quality mattress, read how a Serta mattress performs over time.

– Cut the caffeine: Especially in the afternoon or at night.

– Make your bedroom a safe spot: Don’t decorate with things that stimulate you or have a phone or computer or TV. This should be a room full of relaxing things that have a calming effect on you.

– Write down your thoughts: Write it all down, let it all out, then forget about it!

– Don’t lay awake: If you can’t sleep, get up and do something (not screen related) for 15-30 minutes until the tiredness overcomes you then you can go back to sleep when you don’t stimulate the body to get awake any more.