Elery Pfeffer is the founder of Gonift.com and also serves as its CEO. Pfeffer was the one who suggested the idea to help local community businesses regardless of where they are located in the United States.

Elery Pfeffer developed a business plan that would bring together local shops into a network that promotes each other’s businesses. You may not know, but Nift card and Gonift.com gift cards are the primary tools for achieving this goal. Let’s first look at Gonift.com scam.


Gonift.com, a new commercial website, is a great example of innovation. It was launched in September 2015, at 16:08. It’s six years, eighteen months and twenty-four day old. Although it has been around for a long time, its registration will expire in three months and six weeks on the 16th September 2022. Last updated on 13 August 2021.

Gonift.com analysis suggests that this is not a fraud, but the concept of it is misunderstood with the scamming scheme.

What is the Gonift gift certificate?

Local businesses must sign up for Nift membership. The Gonift.com scam is a rumor. As a thank you gesture, local businesses can get Nift gift certificates worth $30 each to give to their loyal customers. In return, the customer must activate the Nift card via the Gonift.com website within thirty days. The customer must choose the gift type they want.

The website will offer two options that are closely related to customer wishes based on customer preferences. The website will offer any gift option, and the Zip code of the customer will be used to determine the address. This avoids the Gonift.com scam. A $30 Nift card can be presented by the customer to allow them to visit their local business and buy their needs.

This will allow the local business to gain a new customer. 88% of customers expressed interest to return to their local store. 37% of customers visited again, and 70% of customers spend more than the Nift card.

As a gesture of appreciation, the local store gives a second Nift card as a thank you to the customer. A new Nift card is issued to the customer by another local store. Elery Pfeffer believes this strategy will protect small businesses from large e-competitors.

Gonift.com Scam:

Several customer reviews and feedback were received on the internet. BBB simplified the business strategy for Gonift.com. Nift was simply a gift voucher that allows customers to spend more at local stores.


Gonift.com and Nift cards are free from any Scams, unless the concept is used to increase customer spending. Gonift.com boasts a 93% trust rank, 82.4% Business Rank and a remarkable 165,115 Alexa rank. It also has a low suspicion score at 16%. The rumors of Gonift Scam are false. People who regularly shop at local community shops can reap the benefits of Nift cards.