Are you a fan of the cult virtual multiplayer game Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone? If yes then you’ve probably experienced a frequent error known as Warzone Goldflake Error on Xbox.

A lot of players from both the United States, Mexico as well as in the United Kingdom face the Warzone error code, Status Goldflake. This code prevents players from logging into the multiplayer lobby and joining any game. Players who aren’t able to connect to the online services due to the status Goldflake Error, find the appropriate solution for Goldflake error Warzone Xbox.

About The Goldflake Error Warzone

Goldflake Error Warzone refers to the technical glitch that is encountered in the Xbox gaming console whenever players try to connect with the lobby for multiplayer. This error blocks gamers from connecting to the online game services.

The issue occurs on the most popular gaming console Xbox and can be caused by a technical glitches and software problems. A lot of players trying to play the game and join in the lobby for multiplayer on Xbox have encountered the error due to the host being suspended system.

Players try to resolve the problem by restarting their system, however the problem occurs again.

What is Causing the Goldflake Error Warzone Xbox?

As stated, the Goldflake Error can be traced an error within the system. The error is triggered when gamers attempt to access the multiplayer lobby, as per sources. This happens when the host system that hosts their gaming console has been suspended.

This means that the error can be traced to software or console issues that are at the end of the player and not by servers on which the games are hosted. When gamers stop the game during this time the two games, they will encounter the Goldflake error Warzone Xbox occurs when they return to Modern Warfare.

How to Fix the Goldflake Error?

Most of the time the issue is resolved just by rebooting your gaming console. After restarting completely the console should not remain on sleep. It is necessary to restart the console to check whether the game is working as expected.

The error is often seen on occasion and is a source of irritation to players they play the game. Below are additional tips for fixing your Goldflake error on the Warzone Xbox.

  • Make sure everything is up-to-date and the game’s pass is not expired. You can find an update to fix the issue.
  • Make sure that you power-cycle your modem that is linked to the console. Learn the steps and then turn on your modem.
  • It is possible to reset the modem factory and connect to the console
  • Remove the game from your console and then reinstall to determine if the issue has been resolved.

What are the Players’ Comments?

A lot of players are experiencing the issue, and are annoyed by the error.

A user remarked that he’d updated his Game Pass, and it allowed him to correct the issue.


Goldflake Error in Warzone Xbox is a real pain because it stops players from playing via their console. It is however not a server-side problem therefore, you need to be cautious when playing with your console. Avoid placing your console on sleep between games to avoid the error from occurring. Additionally, you should be aware of the things you need to Do if you are facing an error.