Are you more concerned about being safe than sorry? Safety is important, especially for your children.

In the mid-90s, Pokemon Go was first created. This new concept involves playing in different locations from your computer.

This is a very popular game worldwide. To become the champion, one must break all world records.

You don’t need to travel to play the Silver Johto PokemonGo game. A memory card suffices. It is now safe.

Let’s now go on and make it even more complex.

Are the silver and gold versions safe for children?

These games are safe because children don’t have to travel far away from their homes. The game is engaging and children of all ages can enjoy it. They get so involved that they forget to pay attention to the world around them.

This is a difficult one because if a child doesn’t see cars or people around them, they may be in an accident.

Silver Johto PokemonGo is now available to play safely at home. Play as excitedly at the location as you would if playing with a memory card.

Background of Pokemon

Nintendo Japan Company owns Pokemon.

Pokemon is a combination of the words monster and pocket.

The game Pokemon has many amazing characters. These characters must be captured by humans (known as Pokemon Trainers) and shot down.

They train the characters to fight each other and capture them.

Silver or Gold Johto Pokemon Go

This Pokemon Go version has new characters and a new title.

Pokemon is now a mobile-based venue-based game on smartphones, instead of a TV series, trading cards, toys or comics.

It brought animated, familiar Pokemon characters into the real-world.

It is open to children over 13 years old. Children younger than 13 years can also sign up, as can their parents.

Fictional Characters In The Game

These characters are not real. These characters are based on the TV series. For excitement, however, there are many new characters.

Some characters are involved in Silver Johto Pokémon Go: Quilava, Bayleef and Totodile.

Generation II has 251 characters and Generation IV has 256.

It is difficult to capture and deal with elite and legendary fictional characters.


This is a popular smartphone app. This game was originally required to allow children to travel to real-life places. Many parents worry about their children’s safety.

This game can now be played at home and parents don’t have to worry about their child’s safety.

It’s the difference Silver Johto Pokemon Pokemon Go made.