Who is Arlana Miller? What has happened to her? Was this an unplanned incident and suicide plan? A lot of questions are posed within the heads of many? Have you searched for the information on her? While browsing, did you look over the article that follows to get her complete information?

The people of all over the United Statesshowed their condolences for her loss as well as she was an avid cheerleader. Some additional details about the girl who jumped into the Mississippi Riverare provided below.

What was the matter with Arlana?

The note was written prior to the most tragic event during her lifetime. The note states that she was a struggle throughout her teens. She fought for her right to be at peace. She is grateful to the people who stood with her throughout the day. She also said that people around her believed that she was happy however it wasn’t an ideal one. She expressed her gratitude to her mother and stated that she was planning to relax. She made a number of suicide notes, but this was the final one to reach the end of her life. The reason behind her death is still unknown and has not yet disclosed to date.

Arlana Miller Body Found In Mississippi River

Arlana Janell Miller died April 4, 2022 through suicide, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was where she was affiliated with Southern University and A&M College. A cheerleader Arlana Janell who suffered with health problems for a lengthy period was swept away by the Mississippi River after a long trip. When she attended Southern University, Arlana was an athlete. She was from Texas. Family, friends, classmates teammates, classmates, and everyone who knew and love her are offered our sincere sympathies as well as prayers.” The writer wrote a personal letter about the darkest moments of her life. She’s gone now and the reason behind her passing is not known.

Mississippi River Suicide

A recent Instagram post from Arlana left a message for her followers. She expressed her appreciation for those who have been a part of her life. Her depression was also discussed. Arlana was found dead in the early hours of last night, after being unaccounted for since a long time. We offer our sincere condolences. Friends, colleagues and loved ones posted on social media to announce her passing. A few days ago, Ariana Janell Miller posted an update on her Instagram which appeared to be suicide notes.

The addition of a few details about her passing

When the public learned that the girl jumped into the Mississippi River, the corps discovered a note from her in which she wrote that “she has died inside and those who are who are close to her do not need to be worried that there is no the cause and don’t need to feel guilty. It’s over. we wish that everyone finds peace.”


Based on the investigation, we have discovered that Arlana fifteen years old, was found dead in the river dubbed Mississippi. Corps are trying to discover the reason for her death, but haven’t yet discovered the cause.

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