Internet connectivity at high speed is the requirement of the day. Are you searching for high-speed internet in your local area? Verizon is the most renowned telecommunications business across the United States, has introduced 5G broadband to provide high-speed internet.

The company has created a sub-domain for the services, You will however be directed onto the original Verizon site when you visit In accordance with your needs you can purchase and buy home broadband products and services.

It’s not a separate domain, and users look online for reviews of to verify its authenticity.

What’s is an internet shop offering broadband home products, services and accessories. It’s a sub-domain that was created by using a different platform and redirects visitors to the official site of Verizon the most renowned telecommunications firm within the United States.

Verizon has announced 5G Home Broadband products, services that offer exclusive broadband plans specifically for users, and has been offering services through It is, therefore, not an independent website or domain because it is linked to Verizon.

A lot of people are uncertain about the services it offers and are unsure if they should visit or not. They want to be aware of is legit or is it a scam.

Descriptions of Website

  • Website Link –
  • Product Category: 5G Broadband Home, Broadband Devices Plans, Products and Accessories
  • Modalities for Payment – Major Pay Methods
  • Phone Number – Available 24/7 Automated Phone System Services, dial *611 from your Verizon mobile, or call 800-922-0204
  • Support for Email Chat System Automated on the Website
  • Shipping and delivery policy – The website provides free delivery and shipping for two days. For delivery over the weekend, customers need to pay a fee for shipping of $12.99 for Priority overnight delivery is offered at $14.99. They also provide the option of free pickup from their store according to Reviews.
  • Return and Refund Policy The store offers a 30 day returns and exchanging policy. Therefore, customers can return their items to the company and receive an exchange or refund, minus the restocking charge. There is a restocking charge of $50 for returned or exchanged goods.
  • Domain Age: Two years eighteen months, and 2 days old. was created on the 05th of June, 2019
  • Social Media The store is present through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Pros of the

  • High-Speed 5G Broadband Devices with High-Speed 5G Speed from Verizon
  • Plans and accessories that are suitable to internet users
  • Refund and return options are available for purchases

Cons of

  • Restocking fees of $50 are applicable to return and exchange
  • Shipping fees for express delivery

Is a legitimate business or Scam?

Verifying the legitimacy of an online shop is essential prior to purchasing. It can help avoid frauds and scams, which are commonplace nowadays. Therefore, while analyzing we discovered the following information to share with our users.

  • The domain’s name is not private because it is a sub-domain of the well-known website The domain was registered on the 5th of June, 2019, and the domain has been registered until the 5th of June 2022.
  • The trust score for has been recorded at 73%,, which is the standard trust score. There is no trust rating on the site as well as no information about the site’s Alexa ranking.
  • In addition, there are numerous reviews on the company’s products, however, there is no distinct Reviews are available from customers. The services and products of Verizon get high praise however, there are no reviews or reviews are available for the particular domain.
  • The site has logos for social media, and they are all active.

Because it’s a sub-domain that was created on an individual platform, and is associated with Verizon and Verizon, it cannot be considered to be a fraud. There isn’t an independent review of this site, which is why users must do their research prior to making purchases on

What is the nature of customer Reviews?

We’ve not come across any independent or impartial Reviews on the internet. The products plans, services, and other accessories that the store offers have been highly praised by a large number of customers.

In addition, it’s the sub-domain which was separately created that redirects users to the main Verizon website. Therefore, it cannot be classified as a fraud. Because there aren’t any personal reviews on We advise our readers to do their homework and evaluate before purchasing from the site.


It directs visitors to Verizon and allows them to look through plans and services, and buy broadband service.

We did not find any reviews for from customers We therefore advise customers to do their homework before making a purchase.