Have you been trying out several mats and rugs on your patio to keep your feet comfortable and cool? Placing a rug on the patio becomes a big compromise as rugs or runners may not last long and are never weather resistant. 

Have you ever thought of getting a portable roll out mat with features like weather resistant, rust-free, chemical free, and perfect for all indoor and outdoor flooring solutions? Well, roll floors brings you one-of-its-kind flooring solutions that come with all the above features and several other benefits. 

Features of the outdoor wood mat

  • Thermo-treated wooden mats
  • EPDM back material for sturdiness
  • 100% green treatment makes it eco-friendly
  • Zero chemical usage
  • Weather resistant
  • Anti-slip (perfect for wet areas)
  • Non-marking materials (keeps surface clean)
  • Customized sizes available 
  • Easy to pack, store and carry
  • Suitable for permanent and temporary flooring types 
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces

Areas of application for thermo-treated mats

You can use these fantastic floorings in both interiors and exteriors areas. They look chic and match any residential or commercial space requirements. Some popular demand areas are landscape designs, patios, outside RVs, flooring for musical instruments, pool areas, and boardwalks. 

The thermo-treated runners are not just permanent flooring solutions but are also available in small mat sizes that are portable, durable, and make the best temporary floor covering. 

Roll out mat specifications 

  • Each outdoor rollout mat measures ½ “x 32” x 42” that approximately covers 9.5 square feet of area.
  • One thermo-treated outdoor roll runner has eight wooden planks.
  • Each mat staples to the other with an EPDM rubber strip on the back.
  • The staples are stainless steel (corrosion free).
  • Each plank measures 7/16” x 5” x 32”

Rolling mats packaging details

The entire mat fits inside one box. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying them separately. Each box/kit contains one roll floor runner, one fabric bag, and one pamphlet with all the details. The box measures 32.5” x 6” x 6”, which conveniently fits in a car trunk. And the weight of the box is only 14 lbs.

Warranty on every outdoor wooden mat

The manufacturers take pride in offering a warranty of 25 years on every product. The RV roll mats are Thermo-treated wood so, there is a natural protection from rotting and decay. You may find some discoloration on prolonged usage, but it barely requires maintenance.

Get the sample of outdoor runner

The manufacturers are offering samples of these patio mats. So, if you are sceptical about this novice product, get the sampleto touch and feel the quality. Every sample comes with a pamphlet/flyer that gives the details of the product. 

The wrap

Treat your feet with a product that is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals. Be responsible by investing in this thermo mat that is sustainable and look great for the next 25 years of your patio or pool surfaces. These are ideal for families with elderly and children as it offers some of the finest features of indoor and outdoor flooring.

A roll mat looks beautiful outside as well as indoor. You can check out several patterns available with the outdoor mats. There are mat selections in customized options that certainly add to your level of convenience. You know what would look great to accentuate any space. Whether its gardens, pool areas, mini decks and porches, you can find several choices. All you need to know is that good material last longer and provide the ideal solution to the homeowners.