Did you see the details of a Falling Man NFT yet? What’s the point of this image? The platforms are not recognizing this NFT. This article will provide details about the Gamestop NFT for falling men.

Gamestop, a platform that is based in the United States and Australiahas gained popularity in many other parts of the globe. This platform gained popularity under Gamestop Man NFT criticism. This article will provide more information about the subject.

Information about the Falling Man NFT from Gamestop:

If you would like to learn more about the sudden removal of the NFT falling man from the internet, the platform has removed it. The reason for its removal is that it is about a fallen man and the photo was taken during the terrorist attack at World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

The NFT was deemed tasteless and not appreciated by the public. This photo was taken originally by Richard Drew, an Associated Press photographer in 2001.

Gamestop Falling Man NFT

We now know the details of this NFT and can confirm that it has been reported on the internet by the conspiracy. It has also been removed from all platforms by Gamestop. The platform also removed artist’s ability for future NFT creation.

The price was 0.65 ETH at first and then it was re-quoted 25 times. After the media hype, the price was lowered to 0.029ETH. Gamestop also took 2.25% from every sale.

Gamestop Man FFT Statements from Gamestop:

Gamestop, as we mentioned earlier, has disclosed that they have all the ability to create any NFTs from the creator. They also have direct contact with the owner for actions.

Another user posted a screenshot of the conversation between Twitter and Gamestop, where twitter asked these companies not to profit from gross and tasteless art forms. Gamestop replied that they had completely taken off the creation.

Twitter also stated that they had tried to report the whole website for Gamestop Falling Man NFT. It couldn’t be processed because they needed to connect the NFT with their wallet.

Information about the Original Photograph:

We now have all the information about the NFT. Let’s look at the original photo. It was published in the NY Times on 12 September 2001. Richard took it during the 9/11 tragedy.

Final Verdict:

For all those readers still curious about the NFT for a falling man, the platform takes it off as it wasn’t original and was copied from an image taken in 2001. Twitter also criticised Gamestop ManNFT.

To learn more, check out the Twitter for falling Man NFT . This article was helpful to you. Please share your thoughts below.