The article describes how to play this game. The solution to the wordle, as well the clues for getting the answer, can be found at Gaffy.

Did you attempt the puzzle of the Day? Did you find the correct solution? Is it difficult to find the right answer? Are you looking for clues? Are you able to find the answers while surfing the web? You can read the following article to find the answer.

Australia and New Zealand have been searching for the meaning of the word. You can read the Gaffy Wordle article.

Helpful Hints for solving wordle of day

People mistakenly thought the wordle was “Gaffy” but were confused. We hope you find the answer to your question. Here are some clues that will help you to solve the wordle.

  • One vowel is in the word.
  • Repetition of letters is not the same as repetition in words.
  • The word includes the vowel A.
  • The letter “Y” is the ending of the word.
  • An adjective is a word.

The above clues will help people guess the correct word. The answer to the wordle displayed is “GAWKY”, but the gaffy definition is “Weird-like” and players can find the correct wordle after seeing the master clue.

Master hint: Meaning is awkward, tall.

I hope the above hints are helpful for anyone who hasn’t tried to figure it out. The answer is ” GAWKY.”

How to play this game?

These tips and tricks will make it more enjoyable for players to use. Here are some suggestions for playing the game frequently. It is easy to follow the rules. The word for the day is chosen randomly and six times it is guess. The squares where they are placed change color depending on which letters you have entered.

  • When the box turns blue, the letter will be in the correct place.
  • The yellow box indicates that the letter was incorrectly placed by players.
  • Grey boxes indicate an incorrect letter in the wordle.

Five-letter words that start with “GA”,

Here are a few five-letter words starting with GA. These are the words you need to play the Gaffy Wordle.

Gaffes, Gaffys, Gawkys, Gamers, Gazeds, Gazars, Gammys, Grain, Grosseds, Gaffs Galax, Galas and Gaits are just a few of many words you can play with the wordle.


After investigation, it was determined that GAWKY is the correct wordle answer. But some players were distracted by the question and assumed Gaffy was the correct answer. However, the clues below will help you determine the correct answer. Play the game online.

Did you succeed in finding the correct answer by looking at the clues above? Do you think you have the right answer?