Have you ever considered what happens to unclaimed boxes or packages of Amazon, Flipkart or EBay? They were auctioned off when nobody claimed them in just a few days.

Numerous websites from countries like United States, United Kingdom, etc sell mystery boxes and unclaimed packages to purchasers and “Fun Delivered” is one of them.

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What is Fun Delivered?

Fun Delivered is among the sites that offer mystery boxes or packages that have not been claimed to buyers who are interested at a cost that is affordable. Presently, the only shipping is in the United States.

The website says on the page “Their unclaimed mystery boxes are ideal for date nights for birthdays, holidays or gift exchanges as well as just to have amusement”.

The website also explains the way that these two ladies, Rebecca and Jena, created this business in the outbreak of the disease.

According to the website the website, the founders first began selling the mystery boxes through Facebook’s marketplace. Facebook market place, but then decided to offer sales them on their website due to demand for the boxes.

Let’s find out! What is the legality of Fun Delivered?

What is the requirements of Fun to be delivered?

Here are the requirements of Fun To be Delivered:

  • URL: https://www.fun-delivered.com/
  • Domain Name: Fun Delivered
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Category: Unclaimed packages
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 1719 Ocala, Florida 34478
  • Country of origin: Arizona, United States
  • Creation Date: 13th August 2021
  • Expiry Date: 13th August 2023
  • Contact No: NIL
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok

The benefits to investing into Mystery boxes

  1. A wide range of products at an extremely reasonable cost
  2. The best way to have fun is with suspense
  3. There is a possibility of acquiring rare and expensive items
  4. Most of the time, these are ready-to-sell products

These are the advantages, but the way this website could hinder you from purchasing? Take a look at the disadvantages and Fun Review Reviews that are delivered to you .

The drawbacks of the investment on Mystery boxes

  1. There is no guarantee or warranty.
  2. Most of the time, scams and fraudulent activities
  3. Rare customer service
  4. You’ll never get your money back the products
  5. You won’t find any feedbacks on this site from clients.

In the end, we can say that the site has a lot of positives as well as negatives. The design can entice buyers, however the product can be disappointing. There isn’t any feedback or review available and the experience of shopping could be dependent on luck. Read this article for a better understanding.

Is Fun Delivered Legit

Some websites cannot be trusted quickly, so make sure you determine the credibility of website by performing different fact-checks.

Our blog will assist you make a choice using the using the following indicators:

  1. Domain creation date 13th August 2021 new domain, indicating the potential for fraud and theft.
  2. Domain Expiry Date: 13th August 2023
  3. Trust Rank: 21.4/100 – Suspicious, Doubtful and Unsafe
  4. Trust Score: 33% – Bad trust score
  5. Name of the owner: Rebecca and Jena – as stated on the Website
  6. Social Media Connections The Website offers social media connections on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
  7. Customer Reviews: There are no reviews from a customer who is official. Fun Reviews that are delivered are available on the website.
  8. Website Quality Poorly constructed
  9. Origin of Address: postal address is listed on the Website is the one with the directions and map.

A couple of other websites, like ‘ Fundelivered and “Fun Delivery similar to this one. It is therefore important to perform a thorough investigation of this website in order to be sure you are not being scammed. Continue reading the article and be sure to follow the data prior to making any purchases.

Customers’ Reviews

On first look, the concept of these boxes appears amusing. But, as per our research there are no reviews that could give the security you need when placing the wager. Many mystery box websites online are not legitimate and can be scamming you. We believe that the website appears to be suspicious, untrustworthy and untrustworthy. With a 21.4 Trust score we recommend our users to be cautious.

Final Verdict

After an in-depth review, we can conclusively say that the website was new, which increases the likelihood of fraud. Therefore, we advise you to purchase only in the event that you are prepared to endure the negative consequences.