The economic and political situation that has developed in 2022 requires new solutions for businesses all over the world. The closure of Ukrainian air communication with Western countries made it impossible to transport goods. However, most goods analogs imported from the US and Europe are produced by Chinese manufacturers.

How to get the desired items?

You can buy the necessary goods on popular Chinese marketplaces (Taobao, Tmall, 1688, or WeChat) or directly from Chinese manufacturers. However, here you can run into difficulties. Such marketplaces do not have a great diversity of language versions, so you will have to use additional browser extensions to change the language. The registration process itself is quite complicated and it is really hard to complete it for the first time. Next, you need to figure out exactly how to search for the right products.

In addition, working with the Chinese market has its own peculiarities. The full order cycle from China for commercial cargo is now 3-4 months. Long terms are caused, first of all, by a way of delivery. Shipping by sea is much cheaper than air. However, the cheap cost automatically increases the time (about 1.5-2 months). It should also be taken into account that the order that you placed for Chinese production in August may reach you in November.

Air shipping from China to the USA is a fast and safe way to transport trial batches of products, as well as fragile and high-value goods. Such communication between China and the USA remains stable. Air freight from China is a worthy alternative to importing goods from Europe. 

Regularly delivery by air is chosen in a case when

  • Urgency required.
  • It is necessary to order a trial consignment.
  • There’s a need to transport product samples.
  • The cargo is characterized by increased fragility.
  • We are talking about the transportation of especially valuable goods. 

It is convenient to use air delivery from China to the USA for the transportation of electronics, spare parts for equipment, items made of glass, porcelain or ceramics, jewelry, or luxury cosmetics and perfumes. Protective packaging guarantees the safety of the cargo.

ARDI Express – reliable delivery from China to the USA

Assistance with all of the above-mentioned processes is provided by the ARDI Express Company, which delivers postal parcels and commercial cargo from China to the USA. It helps you buy products directly from Chinese manufacturers with verification and support in China. The company has its own warehouse in many provinces. You can order additional services, such as checking the goods, enhanced packaging, photo report, and most importantly, consolidation (the ability to combine goods from different sellers into one package). The company has recently launched new cartage ways, and now you can also order a parcel from China with delivery to all the American States and Amazon FBA warehouses.

It’s easy to order goods from China for yourself and arrange delivery by postal parcels or use the delivery services of commercial goods (for larger parcels). The second option will be convenient for ordering large quantities of goods for business. ARDI Express Company delivers goods from China on a turnkey basis, with customs clearance and all the necessary documents for the official sale of goods.

Company warehouse managers will make a wooden crate or use air bubble wrap. The cost of air delivery of goods from China depends on the weight, volume, and type of products transported. The rate is calculated by volume when conveying light but bulky goods. Fares also depend on the airline’s workload. The complicated situation in the world has greatly affected the country’s economy, including the delivery of parcels and commercial cargo from China. Logistics companies have to get used to the new business realities and adjust to the current circumstances, which is what the ARDI Express Company is doing successfully.

All managers speak Chinese and English, which allows us to reach a favorable agreement with the supplier and avoid misunderstandings. You can avoid the danger of encountering an unscrupulous seller, receiving products that are defective or do not meet the declared characteristics, and the delay or arrest of the goods at customs.