Five Nights At Freddy’s Breach the game that was released online on the 16th December 2021, which is the 8th installment of the game. Following its launch, it began being talked about by players from countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

The 8th installment is gaining popularity with gamers across the world because the main antagonist, Foxy, is missing in the game. Foxy is the primary antagonist in the game, but it’s not present within the FNAF Security Breach.

The players and the fans are looking for an answer that is reliable to the reason Foxy from the Fnaf Security Breach is missing.

Who is Foxy in FNAF?

Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF) or FNAF is an American media brand controlled by Scott Cawthon, and it was founded as a videogame creator in the year 2014. On the 16th of December in 2021, the franchise has recently released an exciting new game titled FNAF Security Breach.

The game began to capture the attention of players from all over the world. However, the principal protagonist of the game is not from the FNAF Security Breach. Foxy is the main antagonist and character known as the animated pirate Fox.

Foxy is the famous mechanical character who has a new stage show at Freddy’s Pizza. However, the audience is missing Foxy in the latest installation.

Why Foxy in Fnaf Security Breach Missing?

While he’s not actively involved as an animatronics character, Foxy has the potential to appear in appearances in the form of cameos. He first appeared on Rock star Row to promote Captain Foxy’s Pirate Adventures with a little pop-up. Following that, Foxy started appearing on various locations throughout the game. He was also available as a collectible plush.

This doesn’t mean that it will not be a part of the series in the future. Security Breach is yet to be upgraded and, after the updates, Foxy may appear in Security Breach. There’s no explanation for to explain why Foxy is not in the Fnaf Security Breach is not present. However, at present, Foxy is only available in a separate cameo in the series.

What Happened to Foxy in Security Breach?

Foxy was discontinued in the most recent franchise however Funtime Foxy has replaced it. Mangle is at fault for the attack of 87. Foxy is canceled, and will be replaced by Funtime Foxy that aided in the murder of children, based on the blueprint.

It could also have contributed to the substitution of Foxy by Roxanne Wolf , or Roxy which is the feminine version of Foxy. Foxy of Foxy in Fnaf Security Breach is not a popular character, much like Freddy who is the frontman of the band.

Some people believe that Foxy was axed due to the fact that Foxy was not very well-known, and certain incidents have been linked to Foxy’s past. Others believe that Foxy might be back in the franchise following the update.


FNAF Security Breach is the eighth installment in the series and it’s in the news due to the fact that the main antagonist, Foxy, is missing in the game. Fans who have played the game since it was first introduced are keen to know the reason Foxy’s character in Fnaf Security Breach is absent.

After looking into the issue, we have found no reason to believe that Foxy has been missing. Some believe Foxy will be back in the franchise following the update.