Are you searching for an online store that has a variety of fashionable but high-quality products? Yes! However, you can’t locate a store like this Do you? If you answered yes, then we’re happy to present to you this article from Foolax Reviews, in which you will find essential details on an online store that is based and operating within the United States that promises to meet all your requirements.

If these lines inspire you, then you’re likely to be intrigued enough to investigate the authenticity of the shop. So, let’s explore.

Background of a Foolax:

Foolax is an online marketplace offering a variety of women’s clothes of high-quality. There are several types of clothing categories:

  • MAXI (a light coat with a closed neck)
  • The MIDI (a light coat that has a triangular neck)

Just by looking at the website at the list of products, all look appealing and top-quality. Therefore, the question ” Is Foolax Legit,” is logical as its interface on the website looks pretty appealing, however before we conclude, it is important to look at other aspects as well. Let’s now look at the website’s specifications.


  • Domain Age: Established on September 28, 2021; approximately one and one and a half months old.
  • Url: –
  • Category: Clothes Shopping.
  • Email: [email protected]; [email protected].
  • Phone: +1(845)475-8507.
  • Address: – 134 Woodruff Ave APT 4, Brooklyn, NY 11226, US.
  • Payment Options: PayPal (recommended), Visa, JCB and AmEx along with a few others.
  • The Returns Policy Product(s) are not to be in use and returned in the original packaging. This is the prerequisite to return the item.
  • Refund Policy: If you have returned the product(s) is approved the refund is processed within 30 days.
  • Total delivery time for the Foolax Review 10 to 15 to 15 days within the US.
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping on purchases of more than $50, and $9.95 for purchases less than $50.


  • The user interface is simple to use.
  • Secure and user-friendly payment options are offered.
  • Contact and address details are clearly included.
  • Prices are fair and not overly discounted.


  • The store is quite new just two months old it is in the market.
  • According to our source the SSL certificate is not certified for use in the public domain.
  • Alexa rating of the site is extremely low.
  • Trust score equal to zero.
  • There are no positive reviews from customers over the internet.
  • There is no presence on any Social media platform.

Is Foolax a legitimate company? ?

Given the wealth of digital assets today the mere glance at a site’s interface and images of high-quality products can’t reveal the true purpose behind its creation. To determine the authenticity of a shop particularly one that is online consumers must take a look at all legitimate aspects and assess them according to the person’s perception. The facts regarding the website include:

  • The store was established on September 28, 2021. about two months old.
  • Alexa ranking of the website is around 82 lakh+.
  • According to our sources, according to our sources, the Trust rating of this website is close to zero.
  • Our investigation into Foolax Reviewsfound it is not on social media.
  • There aren’t any customer reviews available on any platform.
  • The address listed on the site isn’t situated in any place.
  • We can’t say for certain if the provided number is accurate or not.
  • There are no positive reviews, nor is the existence of any social media hyperlinks.

The website could be suspect and fraudulent since we haven’t found any legitimate, solid points.

Customer Reviews:

In the case of a clothing shop especially the online stores, good customer reviews can earn that is not used in transactions involving money, even although it does increase revenue. In the physical world the mouth spread is effective and positive reviews or comments is based on the same principle but with much greater power in the digital world.

However, on Foolax reviews we did not find reviews to verify the credibility that is Foolax com, which it has earned thanks to its top-quality listings of products, the user-friendly interface, and a few other favorable aspects. To ensure that customers are well-prepared for purchasing online should be sure to investigate the site thoroughly and do their do their research using the internet’s free resources available.

If you’ve seen someone who was entangled in fraud in the financial sector and would like to prevent it from happening, go through the following information.

Final idea:

To sum up, Foolax has very few positives, and they are also more attractive on visual aspects. But the negatives in Foolax reviews are much more serious that one user ofcannot afford to lose at any cost.