You can review the flyer shop reviews to verify legitimacy. Be careful before investing your penny.

Want to get your business’ logo out there? Use flyers, cars, and other materials. Are you trying to find the right site for your service? You may have heard of Flyer shop portal. This portal in United States serves customers who need to do the required work.

Flyer shop is an established family-owned business that has been running for over thirty years and. For more information on this strategy, please contact the appropriate ad agency.

Flyershop Reviews will help you evaluate your site before making an investment in the products.

Summary on Flyer, an online platform for selling different types of prints, is a product of The portal is a Calgary, Alberta-based printing shop. They have been serving Calgary, Western Canada, and Calgary for more than thirty years.

The company claims it offers products at low prices and solutions for advertising. There are many products available on the site, including business cards of any size, marketing materials such as business stationery, signs and posters, banners, business stationery, business stationery, business stationery, business stationery, business stationery, business stationery, business stationary, business stationery, business stationary, signs, posters, banners printed apparel, pens and mouse pads, as well as business cards.

Let’s examine and clarify Is Flyer Shop Legal?


  • Website type:It allows for the sale of different types print such as digital, offset, and garment printing.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Contact: #1463320 11STSE Calgary T2H2L7 Alberta Canada.
  • Contact number (403 287-8764)
  • Products Cost:USD
  • Sort and Filter:Present.
  • Option for payment: All credit cards are accepted.
  • Shipping policies:Buyers must pay shipping fees for each item and destination.
  • Delivery times: There is no specific time.
  • Return policies:No returns will be accepted based on product nature.
  • Social media links:Connected at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Let’s explore the portal through Flyershop reviews. We’ll discuss the pros & cons of the site.

Positive thoughts

  • HTTP verification is available to the website.
  • The official site has customer reviews.
  • It is necessary to have a valid number and contact address.
  • They are a constant presence on the market.

Negative ideas

Delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

  • The company owner information is not available on the official website.

There are still many areas to explore on the website. Let’s explore the below section.

Is Flyer Shop Legit?

  • Domain age:The domain’s age is twenty-three. (Developed Date: 16th Dec 1999
  • Trust score of Website is 60%. This trust score exceeds the average.
  • Alexa Ranking:It has a rank in the 4766421.
  • The validity of the Contact Address: Official website cites the correct contact address.
  • The legitimacy to the Email ID It is mentioned on this official website that the mail ID was created.
  • Content originality: The About Us section claims that their service has been in existence for nearly three decades. Research confirms this claim.
  • The Customer reviews Shop Reviews are on the official websites.
  • The identity of the owner: No information on the founder.
  • Social Media Connection. There are legitimate social media connections like Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Return and Exchange policies
  • Policy on Refunds : No refund is available for products.

Customers’ feedback is essential for any company to succeed on the market. A positive customer experience leads to more sales. We will examine the reviews to verify the legitimacy of the portal.

Flyer Shop reviews

Flyer claims to be able to satisfy its customers through the products they create to promote their products. The company provides excellent customer service.

Reviews can be found on the portal and on other websites that talk about the product and its quality. The contact information is reliable. The site is trusted by customers’ opinions.

Therefore, the website appears legitimate. Users can safely use the portal. Additionally, click Get Your PayPal Money Back if You are Scammed.


Flyer is the subject of our article Flyer Shop Reviews. The portal was able show its legitimacy. Customers gave positive ratings for the seamless service. Please visit this link to learn more . Click here to read Everything That You Should Know about Credit Card Frauds.