Do you feel affected due to the delays and cancellations in Hobart Airport? The cancellation of flights usually affects a lot of people as their plans for business become delayed, or important health-related or urgent travel plans are affected dramatically.

Many people in Australia are currently affected by cancellations of flights at a specific airport. If you’ve planned to your travel on the same flight and are concerned about the information below and learn about cancellations of flights at Hobart Airport.

How can I find the arrivals and departures at Hobart Airport?

With the help of live departures online and an arrivals board, you are able to monitor the progress and status of your domestic or international HBA as well as Hobart flight.

Switch between arriving and departing flights departing from HBA or Hobart You can then utilize the search engine on the internet to narrow your search according to the time of flight and airline or the destination/origination.

The website tracking flights will also provide you with the location of where your HBA flight is scheduled to arrive at or depart from, along with any delays or cancellations which could impact you travel schedule.

What Flights Have Been Cancelled Hobart Airport?

The flight that was cancelled from Hobart the day before, i.e., December 30, 2021, was an Jetstar flight that left Sydney around 09:10 a.m. It was scheduled to depart to Terminal D. It is flight number JQ719 and it is also operated by Quantas (QF5719).

Additionally, the Flight number VA1318 Virgin Australia from Terminal D is cancelled, and was scheduled to take off around 10:55 a.m. departing from Melbourne Tullamarine.

In addition, Jetstar’s flight JQ721 that was scheduled to depart Sydney in the afternoon at 12:00 p.m. departing from Terminal D also canceled. Therefore, we recommend checking the status of your flight and flight cancellations Hobart Airport before planning to depart for the airport.

What is the best time to confirm your the flight’s departure at Hobart?

Based on the time you can check-in and the time the check-in deadline is in Hobart It is dependent on the airline you’re traveling with. This is why you should always verify their official online platform to verify the status.

You must be in Hobart at least two hours prior to the departure time of your flight for short haul flights as well as at least three hours prior to your departure time on long-haul.

Even if you been checked in prior to your arrival but you still need to allow enough time for flights are cancelled Hobart Airport or drop over your bags, purchase ticket for boarding if needed and then get to your terminal and gate.

What was the number of flights cancelled by Hobart the airport?

On the 29th of December 2021, fourteen flights were cancelled at short warning in HBA as well as Hobart Airport. These flights were canceled from Hobart Airport has affected many families, people as well as businesses.

So, making sure to check the status of the flight prior to departure can help those with urgent needs or emergency situations.


Even though flying is comfortable, easy and efficient but it is a major issue in the event that the flight you’re taking is delayed or cancelled.