Do you want a stylish and formal wristwatch at no cost? Yes, you’re right. A website says it will give wristwatches at no cost. The most affordable price is something everybody wants.

Outcarb is the company that claims to give free wristwatches to customers through Flexdot Beta Watch is the wristwatch designed for men provided by the website for free cost.

The website is getting attention from worldwide users. Since there is nothing free, many consumers are wondering whether Flexdot beta Watch scam is genuine. We will then discuss the company and its legitimacy.

Is Flexdot Beta Watch Legit or Fake?

We’ve carefully studied and analyzed the product and its name. After looking over it, we have discovered essential details that merit mentioning. By analyzing these aspects, it will be simpler to assess the legitimacy of the website.

  • The domain name was registered over 11 months ago on the 5th April 2021.
  • The domain has been registered for just one year, and will expire on the 5th of April 2022. Consumers would like to know whether Flexdot Beta Watch is a is scam or legitimate.
  • The trust score for the brand is 5percent, which indicates it is a sign that this website is risky.
  • There isn’t a trust rating available. The Alexa Rank of the website is 624 878.
  • It includes a promotional YouTube video, but it isn’t present on the social network to prove its authenticity.

The information gathered from the review are what make the website and product seem to be highly suspect.

What is Flexdot Beta Watch?

Flexdot Beta Watch is a wristwatch that is made of black metal. It is designed for males and can be purchased for free on the website However, is Flexdot Beta Watch scam or genuine?

The brand claims that it will give you the watch for free and there’s no reason to purchase it. The watch is constructed of black metal with an brushed stainless steel case. It has a strap made of metal that can be changed and has a the black dial, with hand and markers.

However, before purchasing the wristwatch, make sure that you check whether it’s genuine or not.


  • Product – Metal Wristwatch
  • Brand – Outcarb
  • Price: $150, however the company is offering the product at no cost and this is a source of suspicion. Consumers are curious to find out whether Flexdot Beta Watch is a is a scam is genuine.
  • Case Thickness – 8mm
  • Case Size and Shape – 40mm and Round
  • Case Material Stainless Steel Metal featuring brushed black texture
  • Color – Black
  • Dial Type – Analog
  • Water Resistance – IP64
  • Power – Battery Powered

Pros of Flexdot Beta Watch

  • Watch made of stainless steel
  • Glass that is hardened
  • Water-resistant
  • It is available for free
  • Straps are interchangeable
  • Brushed steel metal case

Cons of Flexdot Beta Watch

  • There aren’t any reviews of the product. reviews from consumers.
  • The product isn’t sold any other place that the retailer’s website
  • A lack of description and specification.
  • Design that’s analog is old and outdated
  • Water-resistant is the standard, but it’s not able to resist submersion or splashes.

Flexdot Beta Watch Scam or Legit – What Customers Are Saying?

After conducting an online search there are no reviews or feedback from customers. The product isn’t at attracting the attention of worldwide consumer. Therefore, there aren’t any reviews or feedback, or testimonials online.

We’ve found the discussion forums have a thread which is 3 years old. There are many comments from consumers who have left comments on the company Outcarb. The product is completely free, however it comes with a ridiculous shipping cost.

Many people have believed that it’s an effective marketing strategy to draw customers. This could also be a fraud. They charge a premium to ship and handle which is a bit excessive. Additionally, there aren’t reviews to prove that Flexdot beta Watch scam is genuine.

If you don’t have the time to review and analyze the product thoroughly, you should not purchase the product without analyzing it thoroughly. You could be entangled in an enigma. Be sure to have the correct information to spot and report fraud. This will also aid you in to understand the product’s authenticity..


Flexdot Beta Watch black-colored metal wristwatch that is designed for men. It is made available by a brand that makes watches for free called Outcarb. There aren’t any reviews or comments on the internet.

According to customers that the company provides free wristwatches however costs for shipping. Therefore, Flexdot beta Watch is a scam is not legitimate. We recommend that our readers take their time and thoroughly study the website and the brand prior to purchasing the wristwatch.