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The 21st century is here and people are utilizing modern methods to convert complex processes into simpler tasks. Additionally, GPS tracking is one of the top inventions that allow you to identify real-time locations. So, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Fleetfinder Com in this post in the manner that numerous United States netizens asked. If you’re looking forward to knowing the truth about it, read this post with great attention.

Evaluation Of The Portal

On the official website on the official site, we noticed that the site isn’t operating. The information in this article come from internet sources. The site is an GPS and fleet monitoring service to track the current state of the site based on the links.

Additionally, the website concentrates on the field of temperature measurement, GPS tracking, fuel and maintenance of fleets. Let’s look at other threads that are connected to the business in the next section.

Further Information on Fleetfinder the company

  • The company is part of an industry called IT consulting and service sector.
  • A thread revealed that 500-201 employees are employed by the company.
  • Morten Callesen serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Riche Camacho is the account director.

Let’s examine the response of the customer in response to in the section below. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the rest of the sections in a proper manner.

What Are People’s Are Reacting To This Company?

We only received one review when we found the company’s Facebook profile, and thus accumulating 5 stars. On Trustpilot it hasn’t had any comments on its public page. Also, let’s see what ABAX Denmark is linked with the Fleetfinder website in the next section.

Connection of Fleetfinder Together With ABAX Danmark

In its single facebook post we discovered that the company merged to ABAX Denmark at the end of the year. In addition, the post stated that the merger could make for a great experience for the two companies.

Their team will be the same, however their offerings will be expanded in order to better serve their customers. Recently the ABAX group was awarded the honor of recognition from the industry in the Great British Fleet Awards 2022. We now need to move our attention to the next section, since it will expose the truth of

Legitimacy Revealing Points

  • Domain Registration Date Our investigation revealed that the date of registration for the website was 14-08-1998.
  • Alexa Ranking– 9,725,053 is the value that will be preserved for this portal.
  • Credibility ScoreA remarkable score of 88%.
  • Website Freezing DateThe site is in use until the 13th of August 2023.
  • Trustpilot Reviewsas mentioned in the previous as quoted earlier, the Trustpilot reviews are not available for this site.
  • Trust Ranking– The site has nothing of significance.

the Bottom Line

This article demonstrated the legitimacy of an GPS and company that provides fleet management services. After looking on the name and noticing that the website was not yet up and running. We also noticed that, recently, ABAX Denmark had been acknowledged for its exceptional services.

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