Living in the world as we see it today is an anxious time for all. Humans are bound to be sad after struggling with a stressful day at work or watching the news flooded with disturbing incidents and occurrences. However, most people don’t know, but they might indirectly transfer their anxiety to their pets. Dogs and cats are highly attuned to their owner’s emotions and usually, pick up human anxiety and stress.

Nobody wants to be the cause of their pets’ anxiety. Pets deserve the best treatment and care. Many pet parents believe that providing their four-legged friends with food and attention is the only important thing. However, there are several ways humans can support their pet’s well-being without trying too hard. One of these promising ways is using CBD to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. According to sources, there are two varieties of cannabis plants: marijuana and hemp. These two varieties have one main difference – the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC content) they contain. The marijuana plant contains a high amount of THC, while the hemp plant contains tiny amounts of THC. Both of these plant varieties are used by medicine and health companies as a source of CBD. However, hemp plants are more popular for creating CBD products.

Why must humans use CBD for pets?

Most humans are unaware that the cannabis plant contains various chemical compounds. Scientists have discovered 545 compounds in the plant, which offer substantial health benefits for cats and dogs. A proper ratio of these chemical compounds can be used to formulate CBD for pets that can be used to maintain and support the long-term well-being of these four-legged companions. Here are five reasons pets need a constant dose of cannabidiol in their lives:

1. CBD: An Effective Painkiller.

The National Pet Owners’ Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) states that approximately 70% of US households (or 90.5 million families) own a pet. Most of these households have either a cat, dog or both as pets. The most common attribute of these four-legged animals is constantly moving. While most of the time, their movement is adorable, there are many occurrences when these pets end up hurting themselves severely, leading up to surgeries and fractures. CBD products can be used to help calm the pain intensity in pets. Many vets also rely on CBD to effectively treat several chronic diseases in cats and dogs.

2. CBD Reduces Anxiety

It is safe to say that pets help reduce a human’s anxiety better than any medicine, but what do humans do to reduce their pet’s anxiety? Yes, four-legged animals (especially dogs) can develop severe cases of anxiety over time. According to a study at the University of Helsinki in Finland, more than 70% of dogs display anxious behavior due to fear of other dogs, fear of strangers, fear of novel situations, and fear of separation. No matter what the cause may be, extreme cases of anxiety can seriously impact the health of cats and dogs. Vets prefer prescribing oral usage of CBD to anxious four-legged animals to soothe them into normal behavior and keep their anxiety from converting into aggression.

3. CBD Healthy Skin and Coat 

A pet’s skin is its largest organ and demands daily care and attention. CBD not only keeps the emotions of cats and dogs in check but promises several other health benefits too. Some vets believe that regular application of CBD oil on a pet’s skin improves their fur texture. CBD keeps your pet’s skin and coat safe from skin allergies or ticks and provides ample amounts of nutrition to enhance the exterior of the four-legged animal. 

4. CBD Bone and Joint Health

As cats and dogs grow older, they start to battle their greatest nemesis – diseases and pain caused by age. Most four-legged animals suffer significantly from arthritic pain resulting from adulthood. Massage of CBD oil or consumption of CBD medicine can help treat arthritic pain in senior pets. Most vets prescribe CBD medicines to pets in adulthood to positively impact their bone and joint health.

5. CBD Features Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Vets highly recommend anti-inflammatory medicines to treat an upset stomach, annoying cuts, bruises, piercing aches, joint pain, and more in cats and dogs. According to experts, the medicinal properties of CBD allow it to function as a great anti-inflammatory solution. This medicine keeps pets’ pain points in check and enhances their immune system’s natural function, so it responds better. This improved response and reaction keep cats and dogs well away from physical and physiological issues, resulting in much healthier and happier lives.


Being a great pet parent is not easy, but there are so many online and offline resources to help humans learn how to impact their four-legged friends’ lives positively. The world doesn’t expect pet parents to give their all to making life easier for their fur babies. However, now that humans know the benefits cannabis compounds entail for their pets, they must do their part in providing them with CBD products. Hopefully, the advantages mentioned above already have you surfing the internet for purchasing excellent CBD creams, chews, oils, and supplements for your pet’s health.