Are you familiar with the words that begin with CHU? We have you covered. It will make you proud to know that you can win word games without even blinking. These games are very popular in the United States.

This article was specifically designed to give you all the Five Letter Words that Start with Chu. This article will give you a list of words and their meanings. Learn new words by reading and enjoying it.

Words Beginning With CHU

  • Chuck- To press or pat lightly, mainly under the chin.


  • Throw or toss. Example: He tossed the stones into the lake.
  • Informally, it means to throw away or discard.
  • Ex. She got rid of her old clothes
  • Chop a slab of any hard substance, such as bread or wood.
  • Example: He ordered large amounts of meat for his friends at the party.
  • These 5 letter words start with Chu to help you build a more powerful vocabulary
  • A Churn is a container that contains lotion or milk. It is used to protect the oily globules of butter from the caseous/serious components.


  • a. For making butter, stir or agitate milk/cream
  • b. To prepare by stirring cream or milk
  • Chump- A victim or vulnerable person.
  • Unskilled or uninformed
  • To make or shift loud, explosive sounds and puffing.
  • Churl-
  • A rude, uncivilized person.
  • A despicable person.

Five letter words that start with Chu

  • Chute- A channel, tunnel, or inclined trench through which items can pass.
  • A narrow, mostly fenced corridor for cattle and steeds.
  • An expansion in line of one angle on an oval racing track. This is used to start long races and can be kept on straightaway by shelves clubhouse.
  • Churr- A harsh, whirring/trilling sound made by insects or birds. The grasshopper makes a sharp whirring noise.
  • Chufa- A sedge that is sometimes grown for its edible tubers, and which can often be cultivated as a weed.

Other Words that Start with Chu

  • Chugs – A low, piercing sound that is repeated for a brief time and made by/as a result of a hard working motor.
  • To create dull and erratic volumes.
  • To make dull and explosive sounds while traveling.
  • Chubs- 1. One of many usually heavy bodies
  • Freshwater fishes.
  • Chums – an intimate friend who supports and encourages his friends in their recreations
  • To lure fishes, a trap that contains chopped fish or fish oil.
  • Large Pacific salmon, with small spots on the tail. This fish is a major diet fish.

Final Verdict

This article covers five letter words that start with Chu. When playing word games, you will have a lot more trouble if your words end with certain characters. These characters will help you stand out among the crowd.

Do you find it difficult to learn new words every day? Let us know if you have any new words that you learned today.

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