Japanese used cars are exported all over the world, including to their competitors like Germany, the USA, and Europe. Over the last few decades, the Japanese have been ruling in the car industry. 

Of course, the repercussion of their customer care service and trustworthiness worldwide is the reason for their success. 

More than 4.37 million passenger vehicles were exported from Japan in 2021; it was worth more than 9.39 trillion Japanese YEN. Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and other continents have enthusiasts, Japanese car lovers. 

The economy of Japan is dependent on its car exports. It adds up to 16% of the GDP of Japan through the exports of goods, automobiles, and machinery. So, it’s important for Japan to keep developing high-quality cars and export them worldwide. 

It’s a Japanese culture to make their customers satisfied. That’s why they concern more about international trade. 

In the next phase of our article, we’ll talk about some interesting facts about Japanese used cars. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Resale Value 

Well, if you ever buy a European or German-manufactured vehicle, you’ll get low resale value. However, this is not the case with Japanese used cars. Due to the overwhelming reputation in the car market, you get high resale value for your Japanese used car. 

That’s one of the common reasons why people buy and resale them even after using them for years. 

Inexpensive vehicle 

Japanese used cars are cheap, but what makes them noticeable? It’s the quality that comes under that price. Japanese cars are affordable and famous worldwide because of this. If you want to the full fill your car dream, then a Japanese car would be the best option if you opt for it. 

The average vehicle price for Japanese is approximately 1.55 million YEN. A swath of people purchases Japanese used cars from online auctions or exporters. 


Better the quality-better the performance. 

Japanese used cars are of high quality as well as affordable, as we mentioned above. The parts which are used in the manufacturing of Japanese used cars are of good condition; that’s why automobiles are pretty high-quality. 

Moreover, the exporters provide an inspection sheet of every vehicle. So, the customers can be satisfied with the quality of the vehicles. 

Performance-wise Perfect 

The Japanese automakers and their engineers have their own rights in the country; they manufacture one of the best vehicles in the world, which have excellent performance, high durability, and reliability for the driver. In addition, the comfort comes with it. 

Japanese cars are well-known for their performance; they are a good competitor of European and German vehicles. 

Maintained Vehicle 

Due to shaken inspection tests, the Japanese used cars are well-maintained by their earlier owners. That’s why you find most of the cars are pampered and don’t require much maintenance after you purchase them. 

Furthermore, Japanese used cars are durable, too. You can drive them as long as you want. It’s a long term investment and a better choice to get yourself a car.