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Facebook ads always pop up from time to time whenever you watch a video. While these advertisements popping up in the middle of a video may be annoying, it is the primary way Facebook earns money, and you can create accounts for free. 

Facebook ads have become quite popular due to the number of people active on this social media platform. So, if you have a brand and want to promote it to millions of people worldwide, advertising on Facebook is a great idea. Read on and learn about some of the benefits of Facebook ads that you can redeem for your brand. 

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Micro-targeting your customer base

All businesses have products and services aimed at attracting a particular customer base. This audience can divide into demography (age), gender, geography (location), and many other factors. This division of the customer base is known as market segmentation.

Similarly, you need to segment your market to determine what type of customers would want your product. For example, if you sell toys, it makes sense that children will be the target audience. Similarly, you can micro-manage your target audience on Facebook as well.

When you publish advertisements, you can set up your Facebook ads so that ads get shown to people who fall under your target customer group. This is called micromanagement of your customer base. With Facebook ads, it becomes easier to advertise directly to your customer base. 

You can also segment your customer base as per their interests. Therefore, if someone likes a post related to your product or service, they will see your ad. In this way, your advertisement can reach hundreds and even thousands of views on this platform. Therefore, expect a high conversion rate if you make a well-designed and appealing advertisement. 


Facebook advertisements cost money from the advertisers, which is calculated based on the advertisement’s length. How much the advertiser pays to show the ad also accounts for how many times the ad will be visible. The more you pay for the ad, the higher your reach. 

Facebook ads have become one of the cheapest ways to advertise your brand on social media. The advertising price is less than other digital marketing and social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. It is even cheaper than its rival Google Ads

The price of your advertisement also depends on the type of ad. For example, ads that show only pictures will cost less than videos. Similarly, suppose these advertisements are in the form of a video. In that case, the length of the video will also be a deciding payment factor. Therefore, expect longer ads to cost more than shorter ones. 

You can set your personalized budget for advertisement on Facebook based on the cost per click (CPC) structure. For example, average CPC rates are $1.72 for all industries. Be happy to know that the average CPC rates for all sectors have lowered by 6% due to the Covid pandemic. 

Faster results

If you want to promote your business using social media marketing, expect Facebook to provide you with the fastest results. This is the best scenario for brands that want to kickstart their SEO and digital marketing efforts to reach bigger audiences. 

Setting up an advertisement is fast and initiative when using Facebook Ads. Once everything gets set up, they will display your advertising within 24 hours. In addition, Facebook will show your revenues and conversion rates immediately after the advertisement goes live.

Conversion rates are also relatively high since billions of daily Facebook users. Therefore, expect a large portion of the audience to at least click on your idea. Another piece of this audience will then proceed to buy products from your website or directly come to your store.

Larger audience

As a bonus, Facebook will also show the advertisement on all their other connected platforms, like Instagram. Both together have become the most prominent social media conglomerate with the highest number of users. This makes digital marketing in this platform a highly viable option. 

Facebook has such a massive market for digital marketing that even marketing using blogging has become popular on this site. As a result, many digital marketers use blogging through Facebook pages to drive traffic to their websites. This tactic also has a highly successful conversion rate. 

However, the large audience on this platform also means that competition between advertisers is also drastically higher. So, if you start advertising on Facebook, expect to face stiff competition from other brands targeting the customer segment. 

Better analytical tools

Facebook Insights and Facebook Analytics are very helpful in understanding how well your advertisement has performed. This is because Facebook has an in-depth Ad measurer that records how viewers interact with your ad and on what basis. It also considers conversion rates to provide you with a bigger picture. It also offers free themes!

The Facebook Ad manager breaks down what kind of people click on your advertisements. This includes segmenting them by devices used, age, gender, nationality, locations, and more. Knowing these metrics will help you attract a larger audience based on their actions.

Facebook’s Ad measurer will also show how many impressions there are. This refers to the ratio of people clicking on your ad to the number of people seeing them. It also notifies you of your CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impression). You can also compare the impressions of your ad with another ad. This helps to check what your competitors are doing differently. 


Billions of people log into Facebook every day, creating significant opportunities for your brand to be discoverable by people of your customer base. Facebook provides marketing opportunities for a small fee. This depends on how much you want your ad to get shown on this platform.
Since you now know the benefits of using Facebook Ads, get started with it now and watch your business reach great heights through digital marketing!