The Fitcoach App users wanted to know if the app is safe. You will have a better understanding of the app if you read Fitcoach App Review .

Fitcoach App Reviews – Read reviews before you use the app!

Are you more active or less active? How do you stay fit with your busy life? Do you consider yourself a fitness freak too? Sometimes we get lazy and need to be motivated to do more. Do you think you have a need for a fitness app?

Are you a Google user and have you ever searched for a fitness app? Are you looking for Fitcoach, a fitness app? There are many people in the United Kingdom as well as the United States searching for Fitcoach App Review. Let’s talk about it!

Read some user reviews:

App Fitcoach has both negative and positive reviews. However, the negative ones are more prevalent than the positive. Check out these reviews to see what users have to say about Fitcoach:

One user has complained about the app’s poor customer service. Some users also want to leave a negative review if they are having problems with their subscription. Another user who complained about the app on Trustpilot and Google also said it was a fraud.

What’s Fitcoach App?

Fitcoach App Reviewshowed some of the negative aspects of the app. But, if you are curious about the app’s purpose, we can discuss it here.

It’s all about staying active, staying healthy, losing weight and implementing the app into your daily life. You can adjust your diet and exercise in comfort from home with the 30 day plan. The app allows you to set your goals and it will create a customized plan to maximize your results.

The app can also be integrated with HealthKit for faster weight loss, step counter, yoga classes and fat-burning exercises to help you lose fat and stay active.

Fitcoach App Review – Is it safe to use?

Appstore has given the app 4.7 stars, 34.3k user ratings, and 3.5 stars on Play Store based on 72k reviews. Trustpilot has 2.3 ratings. The app is very safe, but that depends on how quickly you receive the results.

Many users were unhappy with the results and claimed that the app was doing false advertising to promote it. However, those who love the app and feel satisfied with their fitness goals give positive Fitcoach Ap Reviews. We cannot therefore say whether the claims that the app is a fraud are true or false.


An active lifestyle is good for your health, mental well-being, and fitness. People who are looking to lose weight and stay active can try yoga, cycling, and walking. Many apps such as Fitcoach App are now available for inspiration.

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