New Jersey has a number of alcohol and drug rehab centers that have been established to help those struggling with addiction get clean and sober again. These rehab centers offer various treatment options for those seeking recovery from substance abuse. If you’re looking for top-rated addiction treatment centers NJ, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with your search; several top-rated rehabilitation centers are found all across New Jersey, from major cities like Newark and Randolph to more rural areas like Princeton. Nevertheless, be sure to consider your treatment goal, the rehab facility’s treatment options, and other factors before choosing a preferred rehab center. 

Continue reading to learn more about various top-rated drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Jersey. We’ll also discuss some qualities of top-rated rehab centers.

Top-rated Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Jersey

Moving Mountains Recovery

Moving Mountains Recovery is a leading drug and alcohol rehab center that offers comprehensive addiction treatment to patients on various levels of substance abuse. They’re located at 2 Emery Ave, Randolph, NJ 07869, United States. They have a well-structured and nurturing environment where patients can feel safe and calm. They also offer outstanding individual therapy sessions, family behavioral therapy, group therapy, physical therapy, and others. All these treatment plans work together to adequately treat a patient’s mind, spirit, and body. Moving Mountains Recovery has a team of experienced and dedicated passionate staff and counselors who work passionately to help patients live sober stable lives again.

SOBA New Jersey Drug & Alcohol Rehab

SOBA New Jersey is another highly-rated addiction treatment center in New Jersey. This rehab center is located at 104 Bayard St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, United States. They offer several rehab treatment options such as outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, alcohol & drug detox, and more. SOBA New Jersey offers a luxurious environment for patients to feel relaxed and well overcome various substance abuse. In addition, their team of staff is warm and experienced in handling various levels of substance abuse. They treat substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs, pills, opioids, and more.

North Jersey Recovery Center

North Jersey Recovery Center is located at 22-08 NJ-208 Suite 2, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410, United States. This rehab center is known for offering top-notch rehab treatment programs for various types of substance abuse. Some of the treatment programs offered at North Jersey Recovery Center include; drug and alcohol detox, partial care treatment, intensive outpatient, inpatient treatment, and more. They have a neatly structured facility and knowledgeable staff.

Qualities To Consider In Top-rated Rehabilitation Centers

Area of Specializations

Every rehabilitation treatment facility has a particular area of expertise, and some have several. For rehab centers to be top-rated, such centers are known to offer high-quality treatment plans in their area of specialization. When you’re searching for a top-rated rehabilitation center, make sure you choose the center that specializes in offering the treatment program you need. For instance, if you need a drug detox program, make sure to choose a rehabilitation center that’s top-rated in offering drug and alcohol detox.

High Success Rate

One of the effective indicators of a highly-rated drug and alcohol rehab center is the success rate of the rehab. When a rehab center has a high success rate, such a rehab will be recommended by previous clients. But be sure you comprehend why a facility is thought to have a high success rate. This is due to the notion held by certain treatment facilities that success is determined by a patient’s program completion. Real success entails the patient being sober for a set period in addition to completing their treatment plan. 

Treats Underlying Condition

Most people who battle addiction do so as a result of other underlying problems, including mental health problems. Substantial problems will persist after recovery if they are not addressed during treatment. Addicts in recovery who have unresolved underlying difficulties are far more prone to relapse because their addiction’s root causes are still causing them trouble. To ensure success, top-notch drug and alcohol rehab centers place a strong emphasis on dual-diagnosis treatment 

In conclusion, acknowledging that you have a struggle with substance usage is the first step in the process of beating addiction. When you do, make an effort to get assistance and think about signing up for a treatment program at a reputable rehab facility. When selecting a top-rated rehabilitation facility, be sure to take into account the aforementioned characteristics and also carry out adequate research.